Per Gessle in Halmstad (Party Crasher Tour, 2009)

Rep: Per Gessle, how do you feel at home, in Halmstad?

Per: At this microphone should I talk? Then I try to sit nearer.

Rep: No, it's not needed.

Per: OK, then I can sit like this.

Rep: You don't need to move, you have your camera there!

Per: I have to try then.

Rep: It's perfect. We start again from the beginning: how do you feel at home, in Halmstad?

Per: It's fantastic, perfect. It was not planned. At the beginning of the tour we were planning to play in Europe, but there have been a lot of complainings, so we played twice in Stockholm and once in Halmstad.

Rep: A lot of complainings?

Per: Yes, many people were angry because we didn't play in Sweden, as well. 

Rep: Are you nervous when you are at home?

Per: No, it's a very nice audience, a very active one, so I am not nervous at all. It seems that we have had a very nice tour. I have a very good band, so it is great to be able to introduce it to the audience. 

Rep: Do you have a special relation to this sportshall?

Per: Oh, my God! You think about handball and other sports that take place here during the year. I started to come here with my father in the ’60s, when I was 8 – 9 years old.

Rep: How do you feel now, before the hall is demolished?

Per: This is something new for me, I hope they are just joking. I don't have a clue why they should do this. It's a pity to distroy old buildings, but perhaps there are good intentions. 

Rep: How was it to play again with Roxette?

Per: Of course it was something fantastic. We have got an amazing response from the audience. People were crying and holding their cameras to be able to take a photo or something, it was something extraordinary, incredibly beautiful that Marie is about to come back. I am looking forward to seeing what happens with her in autumn.