Roxette - Aftonbladet interview - Best Friends Test


Rep: 1986 Sweden’s pop stage was changed forever. Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson grounded the group Roxette. Today, 2006, they celebrate 20 years. And after so long time together, the pop couple should know each other quite well, shouldn’t they? So Roxette had to do the so-called Best Friends Test. They will have to answer 4 questions about the other one and we start with an easy question to Marie:

Which is Per’s astrological sign?

Marie: Capricorn.

Rep: This was ok. Now it will start to be a bit more difficult.

Which song is Per proud of mostly?  

Per: Take this one, you know... (sings)

Marie: Ready, I know. (laughs) The Look.

How old was Per when he started to play guitar?

Marie: 15 probably.

Rep: Is it correct?

Per: 16.

Marie: 16!!

Rep: The last question:

Which artist does Per think that he is more like?

Marie: (laughs) I don’t know.

Per: I think she replied correctly because I don’t think I am like somebody else. Four correct answers!

Rep: 4 correct answers out of 4 – Marie. Now it is Per’s turn.

Which is Marie’s shoe size?

Per: Oh, that was very easy: 36.

Who is Marie’s favourite actor?

Per: For example, she likes a lot Jack Nicholson.

Marie: Super!

Which Roxette song does Marie like to play live most?

Per: “Listen to Your Heart”, for example. (laughs)

Marie: Nooo.

Rep: “Listen to Your Heart” was wrong. The right answer was “Soul Deep”. But Per has got half a point anyway. Not it’s time for the last question:

What did Marie want to become when she got older?

Per: Hockey pro.

Marie: Noo!! 

Per: No, she wanted to become an actress or a singer.  

Rep: 4 points out of 4 to Marie and 3.5 points out of 4 to Per. They have passed the test.