Roxette - Making of "One Wish"


Rep: Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson celebrate today 20 years of Roxette. They have released a Greatest Hits album, as well as a new single. We have been present at the recording of the video for the new single: One Wish.

Per: It was something great to go into the studio together. It was exactly like before: Marie starts with the coffee and I take out the hockey game. It was very cool really funny to record.

Rep: There are 2 new songs on the anniversary album. One Wish, which has a video directed by Jonas Åkerlund, is one of them. Marie Fredriksson has strongly fought against the brain tumour that she got four years ago. But now she is recovered. Even if she doesn’t make interviews nowadays, she gave everything she could in front of the camera.

Per: It is incredible. If you had asked me 2 – 3 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed that it would happen again, but it’s fantastic that it happened; it’s great that it works and that she is in a great shape.

Rep: There were 15 years of huge success, between ’89 and ’91. They have also contributed with a song to the soundtrack to the film Pretty Woman.  

Per: Those 1000 days were really great, I can say. We have been everywhere around the world: Rio, Tokyo, Sydney, Peking, as well. Fantastic. It’s incredible that we celebrate 20 years today. The last years it felt like there was no interest for Roxette, but now it has appeared again. You can hear our songs everywhere. I could hear them at one radio station in London. It feels really cool and it’s a pleasure that this has happened exactly now.