Interview with Per - TV4 2006

Rep 1: He is known as the biggest pop star in the world and now he is back. There are fans that have been waited 5 years before we could hear something from Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. This year they celebrate 20 years with 2 new Roxette songs and a Greatest Hits album, as well. We have played the new video, “One Wish”, and we will play it again.

Rep 2: Yes, welcome here, Per!

Per: Thank you!

Rep 2: How does it feel to celebrate 20 years? With a group!

Per: I am used to it, I have celebrated 25 years with Gyllene Tider, too. You just think about that the years have passed so quickly, but it is ok. Of course, there has been a fantastic time with Roxette.

Rep 2: There hasn’t been too much Roxette the last years. We have talked to record companies and they said: “There is absolutely no comeback. Haven’t you noticed? “

Per: Yes, all of us have taken a break. We took also a little break at the end of the ‘90s. We came back in ’99. Then we took another break after the European tour in 2001. We recorded some songs on a disk, then it happened that accident with Marie. After that we haven’t done anything.

Rep 1: When Marie got sick, were you thinking to come back after she got well? Is there anything you talk about?

Per: No, of course not. We could have finished any moment because of her sickness. We didn’t talk about a comeback. It was in fact Marie who called me last winter and asked me if we can record something new for this album. So I started to write.

Rep 2: How is she now? There are many people who wonder. Why is she not here now?

Per: She is ok, she has recovered from her sickness. But she has become another person after everything she has gone through. She gives priority to some things or to other things. I can say that there will not be many concerts or tours, but she can sing and she is fresh.

Rep 2: So she sounds like before. How many years ago? So 20 years. All of you were a bit younger. And today you still sound like Roxette. There is a special sound. How did you find the way back to that sound? Or you just took a song and you said: this is not Gessle sound, not even Gyllene, so it should be Roxette.

Per: Well, there comes a certain difference when we sing together and especially when Marie sings the songs. Then it is automatically Roxette. Then it is also the fact that I just know 3 musical keys, so the songs are automatically similar. (laughs) In fact, I like that. I am a child of that time, of the sound from the ‘60s – ‘70s. This sound I have developed in all my albums, no matter if we talk about “Son of a Plumber” or something from Gyllene Tider or Roxette. So from all of them, I can say that Roxette has got a more international sound, perhaps. So, I don’t know.

Rep 2: Was it difficult to find it?

Per: No, it goes automatically, in a way. Perhaps it took 10 minutes until Marie was ready with her coffee and me with my hockey game.

Rep 1: Jonas Åkerlund has made this video. It really feels a bit like coming from the ‘80s or the beginning of the ‘90s. Was this the idea?

Per: Before the celebration of 20 years, we tried to make an image of all our old videos, so with Per and Marie from that time, with our strange haircuts that we had that time. So that was the idea, of course. With Jonas we haven’t done so many videos so far, perhaps 12 – 13 – 14. He is a wonderful man. So I am very happy that he could do this.

Rep 1: Is there any difference between this Roxette and Roxette of 20 years ago?

Per: Well, we started in ’86, so it was another time. Now we have families, so of course that we are totally different now. You become another person when you go through so many things.

Rep 2: Will there be any concerts? Because I think about the fact that your songs were played all the time on the American radio stations. So there is still a big interest. Will you play on huge arenas? What do you say?

Per: There will not be any tour. Of course I would like to do that. And our music is played nowadays a lot, as well as some covers of our songs. We had, for example, a big hit in America in cover version. And “It Must Have Been Love” and “The Look” can be heard all the time.

Rep 2: So you will not play together too much.

Per: There will be some TV shows, but we haven’t talked about anything else. I don’t know.

Rep 1: Perhaps this “One Wish” will become the new Number 1 in the USA.

Per: Well, this has been made for the 20th anniversary, but I also think that it is cool to do something new. I don’t have any expectations like that. I like the song, it has become damn good. It is a simple one.

Rep 2: So you were thinking to make something new, as well, together with the other hits on the album.

Per: I think it is nice to work with something like that. It is a nice opportunity, so it’s funny to go into the studio and record. Now I could have been there to work, buy I am sitting here, talking to you.

Rep 1: You have done a lot of things. You had the first solo project, “Sun of a Plumber”, then it was Gyllene Tider who came back a few years ago. Now Roxette comes back. Do you focus on Roxette now or do you have another project to work with in parallel?

Per: Now it is Roxette who is on the first place until July, anyway. Then we will see. I have projects to work with. (laughs)

Rep 2: I can imagine that.

Per: But we don’t need to talk about it now. Can we do it other time?

Rep 2: Unfortunately you will have to talk to somebody else. We have the new single here, the single that you will have to sign. (to the audience) You can send a message to us and you will get the chance to win a signed single: “One Wish”. Thank you so much, Per, for coming here. Say “Hello” to Marie!

Per: Thank you, I will do that!