Roxette on stage again

Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle are back on stage. Last Wednesday, late in the evening, they had a comeback – at home.

Roxette are back. After having sold all the tickets, they have had a little show at Leif's Lounge in Tylösand, outside Halmstad, before a mini tour which they had arranged.

Roxette stood on the stage again in front of about 1,000 people and it is perfectly clear that they haven’t been forgotten. The audience were attentive at every movement: if Marie clapped her hands, the audience did the same. If Per jumped, the audience did the same.

- Thank you very much! Oh, God, how many people! This was a test concert. We will go on a little tour and we thought that it was good to see how we can resist it. We were thinking to play something old and something even older, says Per Gessle during the concert and the audience was very happy.

At 11 o’clock, last Wednesday, they started to sell the 600 tickets to people. To these, there were added guests and other invited people. The tickets were not enough; that is why some people were sitting outside the fence, on blankets and chairs, just to hear some favourite songs. Two of the people who have got tickets were the brothers Ulf and Tomas Sivertsson.

- It’s very nice to be here. We have seen Roxette many times, as well as Per Gessle and Gyllene Tider. It’s great to have the chance to see them, says Tomas.

This is Roxette’s home and it’s obvious that especially Per Gessle feels at home on stage. He talks to the audience after every song and it seems that he likes that.

- You get sweat at work today. Are you ready? he shouts to the audience and he gets the answer that he wants.

They play some well-known hits like “Dressed for success”, “Sleeping in my car” and “Opportunity Nox”. Just to name some of the songs. It is clear that the classic groups go back to the classic sound. The audience sing a lot, especially at Chorus, and in case of “It must have been love”, the audience sing the whole song and the atmosphere is wonderful.

The only question mark so far is Marie’s new voice, which sometimes disappears. 

At the beginning, Marie Fredriksson feels a bit unsecure. She smiles, is happy and claps her hands all the time. But her voice seems to be a bit thin when she sings the lines. But the longer the concerts are, the better her voice is. Perhaps they put her microphone too high. Or she finds her voice somewhere inside her.

We shouldn’t forget that the audience like to see the Swedish stars. The concert is not to be heard just at Leif's lounge, but also outside, over a big part of the little Tylösand.

After the test concert, they play six more concerts, out of which two are in Sweden.

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Source: Göteborgs Posten