Roxette - Interview + Stars - Live at "Kalas TV" (=Party TV) - 2000 (TV4)


Rep: It must be a bit exciting; we have to play it again. You can call it training playing. Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson, welcome!

Per and Marie: Thank you!

Rep: We have some party drinks here that I was thinking to offer to you after a while.

Per: Nice.

Rep: Now you will go on tour with Roxette again. Earlier you played on Wembley, as well as in South America, you were in China, you were all around the world. Now you are here at Kalas TV (Celebration TV) for the first time. This must be the biggest appearance you have had. (all laugh)

Per: Yes, almost, we have already talked about it. So it is true.

Rep: And it’s not the last TV appearance anyway.

Per: Today it is the last one.

Rep: But do you remember your first, your very first appearance on TV? If I say “Pink”, what do you say then?

Per: Oh, my God!

Marie: It was awful!

Rep: Come on, tell us a bit about it!

Marie: It was something on a German TV show, because the artist who should have come there didn’t want to come. And our German record company thought about us. Those people had the chance to see Roxette. But it was cool to go there and we had to go to a hospital, where we played “Neverending Love”, our first single. So those poor sick people had to listen to us and to move a bit.

Rep: I have heard that you have done a lot there.

Per: We danced in the hospital...

Marie: Yes, it was awful!

Rep: What kind of clothes did you wear?

Marie: Oh, there were grotesque leather clothes, so it was in the middle of the ‘80s, that fashion with big shoulders: So my hair was red like wine, Per was lilac. (all laugh)

Rep: But I wonder if that was so grotesque, because I remember when you had the TV premiere on the Swedish TV, you were wearing the same clothes. (all laugh)

Marie: Yes, we had them long time ago.

Per: We could have taken them here, too.

Rep: I think that it was a funny story. And because you have another premiere today, at our show, I was thinking to offer you some champagne; I hope you don’t have anything against it.

Marie: Thank you!

Rep: I was thinking that we could have it while we are talking a bit more. What determines you to go on, to travel around the world now, after 15 years?

Per: It’s a lot of fun! (laughs)

Rep: How fun is it, if you think about a scale?

Per: Yes, it is really funny. It’s amazing to work with music, to work with Marie. It is also easy to work when you have a lot of ideas.

Rep: It is not so easy when you contradict each other.

Per: Well, this is our work, we can say. It is difficult to think about a life without this, in a way.

Rep: I saw before that you can continue to sing 30 – 40 years more, can’t you?

Marie: Yes, at least. (laughs)

Rep: Perhaps you will break the record. Here I have some shellfish for you, I know that Per is crazy about oyster, here you are! I will open the champagne meanwhile. You are really different personalities, do you complete each other? You will get something to eat soon, I will just...weeee!!! Now it’s ready, here you have some champagne! Is it true that you complete each other both as persons and as musicians?

Marie: Yes, but first of all we are very good friends. This is the main idea in Roxette and we respect it: we should be good friends.

Rep: And you have always been that.

Marie: Yes.

Rep: Do you never quarrel?

Per: Yes, we do.

Rep: When you quarrel, why do you quarrel?

Per: Is it the first time when you are pouring champagne in a glass? (all laugh)

Rep: No, it’s the 3rd time, in fact! It went so quickly... (all laugh) Do you quarrel of anything? If yes, why? Artistic things...

Marie: Well, not important things, we are like brothers. Perhaps we do that sometimes because of the time. Well, there are different situations. We may think: now we can travel there and there, but one of us says: no, it’s too long time... I can’t be away from my family so long.

Rep: Yes, but you are away from the family a lot.  

Marie: Yes, but it is quite ok, because sometimes they can come with us.

Per: Some time ago we quarrelled a lot because I wanted to work all the time, while Marie wanted to work as little as possible. (all laugh) It felt like that.

Rep: You know each other! I know that you have a common interest, and that is training. Marie, you train a lot and Per watches Formula 1 too much.

Marie and Per: Exactly! (all laugh)

Rep: So in the end we should toast for a long lasting co-operation. I just want to know one more thing: when a big artist like Beatles or another one writes a song, there is always a history behind it. I was thinking about “Yesterday” or “Scrambled Eggs”... how do the titles of the songs come?

Per: Well, it can happen in many ways. For me, when I start a song, I often start with a title. “Joyride” is an example. I read an interview with Paul McCartney and he said: “To work together with John Lennon is a long joyride.” And that word was really cool, so it became a song. It’s quite typical.

Rep: Ok, cheers for a long lasting co-operation!

Marie and Per: Thank you!

Rep: Thank you for coming here, we meet you again a bit later.


Rep: In this program we don’t have only guests here in the studio, but we talk a bit about what happens outside, in the entertainment world. We will not say everything here, in the studio. I have a lot of co-operators here, who work a lot, here he comes...thanks a lot! (...)

Here is Roxette with “Stars”!