Roxette at Jacobs Stege - 1988


(Listen to Your Heart)

(sorry, a part of the interview is missing on Youtube)

Marie: It was long time ago.

Rep: Yes, but you told me when you came there and I said that I didn’t have time for you. (Marie laughs)

Marie: It feels that I am so little; I don’t feel like a super star.

Rep: Today you have come here with Per. You are number one in Sweden today as female rock star.

Marie: It’s you who said that!

Rep: Yes, but there is a prize that you have got.

Marie: Yes, I have got that.

Rep: Now you are the leading group of the country. Cheers for that! When you are Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, you are typical Swedes. You, Marie, with your “wounded” voice and your ballads which talk about the sea and you, Per, with your funny and ironical ballads. There is also a little sadness in them. But as Roxette, you are really non-Swedes, I think. Strong and successful.

Per: Really?

Rep: Aren’t you?

Per: Well, Roxette’s initial idea was to try to come out of Sweden. It was a dream that we had when we started with music. It’s like when you play football, you want to become professional. But we hope that! We try to develop a sound that feels to be international.

Rep: I know that when you started with Roxette, you were thinking that you would be well-known in the whole world, but no one in Sweden should have known who you were, right?

Marie: It was exactly after I had released “Den sjunde vågen” when we felt that we wanted to do something different, to go out from the Swedish frame. And with Roxette we discovered that the more you give from yourself the better it becomes. We started with those strange clothes, but today we are wearing more normal clothes I think. (they laugh) 

Rep: But today there should be something in your music.

Marie: Perhaps the Swedish tradition.

Per: Or the Swedish popular music that exists somewhere in our music. I don’t mean that we write popular music, but our music sounds like that music which can be heard everywhere in Scandinavia.

Rep: You belong to the generation of the ‘50s, both of you are 30 years old now.

Per: 29! (they laugh)  

Rep: But you also belong to the ‘50s. You are somewhere in the middle between the changes in music on one side and the old music on the other side. Who are you mostly alike?

Per: It’s awful, I think.

Marie: well, you shouldn’t think like that. I think I am mostly like Beatles and the music from the ‘60s, even from the ‘70s in fact.

Rep: And now you want to go out from the country. Why do you want to become famous all over the world?

Marie: It is, like Per has already said, a dream that we had and we try to work hard to fulfil it. We have to see what happens because it doesn’t work like that: you do a solo album here and ready.

Per: It is like that here: they write a lot in the newspapers when a Swedish band or a Swedish artist succeeds outside the country. But if we had come from England, it would have been the most natural thing in the world to succeed outside England, do you agree? When it comes about a Swedish thing, there is that Swedish mentality that you shouldn’t go out from the country!

Rep: Haven’t you thought about becoming well-known by the help of the Music Festival?  

Marie: Not really.

Rep: Why not?

Marie: I have never been very happy with that. Of course that it’s cool to watch it on TV, but...

Rep: But you write songs for them.

Per: It is something else than writing songs for yourself.

Marie: But they are also stars, I think.

Rep: Instead of that, you are sponsored by rich companies from books.

Per and Marie: No!! (laugh)

Per: Where are they?

Rep: How long did you think to go with these sponsors?

Marie: If I have to estimate it before we go on tour, as we will go on tour now, for example, I think we need sponsors from a certain types of companies. But this doesn’t have to do anything with creativity. You should know how to establish some borders. But if we have a tour, that tour is very expensive and we get very happy if we have some sponsors.

Per: It’s something positive for the audience, if it works as we think it should work. There are suggestions that we should say the names of the sponsors on the stage, but I think that it’s better that their names are written on a poster or something. I think that works best.

Rep: Now you are 30 years old and you are 29. Each of you has his own life, but you work together. Have you thought about having a family, getting children?

Marie: I think that it is difficult to answer this question when you work so hard and you concentrate only on your work. Of course that you want to have children. But it is difficult with children and work at the same time. I said I have time, I can decide before I get 35 years old. Per can wait until he gets 56 if he wants. (they laugh)

Rep: What are you doing now, after you have changed your hair colour 15 times?

Per: we are sitting in the sofa, with you, aren’t we?

(all laugh)

Rep: I think that you should sing “The Look” now. What kind of look is it?   

Marie: I think it is my bra. (she points to it)

Rep: Of course. Cheers!

Marie & Per: Cheers!

Rep: Good luck!

Marie: Thank you.

Rep: Please, the stage is yours!

Marie & Per: Thanks.