Fan meeting after the concert

travtrav We ask kindly to print this color if possible on a A4 sheet, as many as you can and distribuite them around you at the concert. Also buy as many balloons as possible. Also we have arange for an after party, details on the forum. The terrace is called " La Suete" details for this location here:


You are most welcome to join us!


Have fun at the concert!

Roxette interview - Borlänge - 27.06.2012


Rep: Your audience is very different; there are many people who were 30 years old when you released ‘Joyride’. What do you think about this?

Marie: It’s fantastic. There is a mixture, but it’s great, I think.

Per: Yes. It is really like that.

Rep: How would you describe your music and your lyrics?

Per Gessle - Telefe Interview

Per Gessle - TN Interview

Roxette - Rockumentary 2011


Per Gessle at Ola 21:trettio (2003) - funny interview

Girl (running): He has been a king since ’81!

Rep: He has been a king since 1981, here comes Per Gessle, ladies and gentlemen! Hi, welcome! Here he is!

Per: Thanks!

Rep: Do you feel well?

Per: Yes, I think that.

Rep: Great. Do you know what this is? now…now…

Per: Exactly, I know it! (laughs)

Rep: now…now…

Per Gessle - TV4 News


Watch the interview in Swedish - just the first 3:30 minutes - HERE

Rep: Hi there, welcome to the news programme where, during half an hour, we present the most important events of the week that has just finished. Among others, we will talk about this: during the big world tour, Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson have a lot of success with their comeback. (…) So we start with Roxette’s comeback and as we have said, they have been very successful. The band has been all over the world for more than one year. The latest concert was in Shanghai last Wednesday. Before the concert we had got an exclusive interview with Per Gessle. 

Marie Fredriksson: The doctors gave me six months to live

Now Roxette are ready for a comeback

Roxette do their comeback. There has been silence in the group which consists of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, when Marie was diagnosed with cancer, according to

Now Marie tells us that doctors gave her six months to live when she got sick in 2002.

Per Gessle – I lose two kilos with every concert

Roxette star reveals the secret behind his this body

Since Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson started the group Roxette in 1986, they have had big successes all over the world.

Gessle has always been thin, but when he was invited for an interview to the Swedish radio station P4 last Tuesday, the presenter Lotta Brome noticed that Gessle had lost much weight.

Roxette's new single: It's Possible

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