Marie Fredriksson: "The doctors gave me half a year"

Marie Fredriksson about her fight against cancer

Soon, Roxette will do a huge comeback after Marie Frediksson's cancer. Per Gessle describes this as a miracle. 

Now the singer tells us that the doctors - when it was the worst - gave her just half a year more to live. "It has been a hard fight", she says to Lotta Brome from P4 Extra.

Lotta Brome's interview with Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson will be broadcasted today at P4 Extra. In the programme they will talk about how they will start Roxette's first world tour since 2001, this monday. The tour starts in Russia and the reaction of the audience has been huge.

"It feels fantastic. We have incredibly many fans who are looking forward to getting the album and also to seeing us playing again. It feels realy well", says Marie.

Free from cancer

A big part of today's program at P4 will focus on how Marie is feeling. Today the singer has got rid of cancer, but it was long time ago when she could manage by herself.

When she was asked if she thought that Roxette would go on stage again and play once in the future, after the difficult period of time had been over, the answer was "no".

Interview with Roxette - 1991

Rep: We are here with Gun Marie Fredriksson, 167cm, and … 184cm I think…

Per: Why don’t you say it in kg?

Rep: Per Håkan Gessle… You have been a bit on the stage now, right?

Per: Yes, we have been there.

Rep: Do you see this concert like an important event that takes place at Globen, I mean like a 1000m running or like a football match in the evening… but who was the best on the ground this evening?

Per: The audience.

Marie: I can say that Per has been the best on the ground this evening, because I have run into him and hit him, it was almost like a boxing game, I think he has bitten his tongue a bit, perhaps he could get a big mouth after that! (laughs) So I think he was the best…

Per: Did you do that? When we met our audience this tour, I just thought that it was a great one, all over the world, now Stockholm, it is like a story, it is really easy to stand on the stage when the audience is so near, it feel like they hold you in their hands.

Rep: Is there anything special that happens?

Per: Jonas I think, he does many things. Today it was Listen to Your Heart that he was really good at playing.

Per Gessle - Interview at Gomorron Sverige 2008-11-27

 Rep: These days Per Gessle, Sweden’s best hit writer, has released a new album, Party Crasher. From this album, the song Silly Really has already become a hit and came into charts few weeks ago. Per Gessle, welcome!

Per: Thank you very much.

Rep: How does it feel that you come up in the charts?

Per: It is always funny, of course, very nice. We keep our fingers crossed for every project, but we never know what happens next.

Rep: You mean that?

Per: Yes, it is like that. Moreover, it is also a project in English, so usually it is different.

Rep: Are you nervous before?

Per Gessle - Interview Aftonbladet Rockbjörnskung 2008

Rep: He is one of our most successful artists of all times. Sometimes he sings in Swedish, sometimes in English. Sometimes he has his colleagues from Gyllene Tider by his side and sometimes he sings besides his colleague from Roxette, Marie Fredriksson. He has sold 75 millions disks and has been on many world tours as well. That is why it is not so strange that this artist has got most of Rockbjörn (rock bear) trophies, 13 pieces: Per Gessle.

Per Gessle - Interview Svenska Dagbladet 2008-11-28

Per: It is absolutely not like that, but the question is if I am like that.

Rep: We are absolutely talking about Party Crasher that he has recorded and sold to the whole Europe. And he learn to “pack himself” like this:

Per: The guy from Roxette, it’s simple. It is easy like that for someone who has a Roxette-star on his forehead.

Rep: The single Seally Really has already become a hit in Sweden and it opens the album with English texts, which will be spread outside the country.

Per: It sounds modern and new, at the same time it has a huge respect for what has been before. The song is a mixture of the disco from the ‘70s, elements of the ‘80s, typical song writers of the ‘90s, a modern result in a way; I think it is attractive, I hope the others think the same.

Rep: With Roxette he has fulfilled a lot of his dreams, especially to become number one in the USA. Congratulations!

Per Gessle - Interview at Morning News 2008-12-06

Rep: I think we have sound now… Good morning, Per Gessle! You think that, too, right?

Per: Yes, of course. There is always something you should believe in.

Rep: Indeed. I have to say who are the members in your band, excepting you, there is Clarence Öfwerman, at drums and piano, Magnus Börjeson at bas, Jonas Isacsson at guitar and Helena Josefsson in chorus. Helena…what does she mean?

Per: Wow… I started to work with her at Mazarin album, 2003, and I have chosen her since then. She is a fantastic singer, she is… Well, sometimes you think that it is good to choose a bit worse co-operators (laughs), it is better because you feel comfortable, but she is really great.

Rep: So, in a way, even if it is not good to compare them, but she reminds a little bit of Marie Fredriksson, I think, when I listen to her albums. Can you try to analyse their different voices?

Per Gessle’s forgotten years

Per Gessle - They call us artists (PART 3 - the last part)

Rep: What does Per Gessle have so that everything that he does, functions? If you understand what I mean…

Christoffer: I think it his handicapped vocal cords J) (laughs) It is something special with his voice. Anyway, the songs, the texts are fantastic altogether. But his voice transmits you something special, it is his voice that all in the world want to hear, no matter what language he talks. He can sing in Spanish, it doesn’t matter, he will sell over one million albums anyway.

Clarence: Yes, it is a combination of a teen-ager and an adult. But he is that type of person who doesn’t have a rest, just do this and do that all the time! He should always have something to do, write a new song, write something, make a new album…

Per Gessle - They call us artists (PART 2)

Per: Super! This was an early idea of the album, it was, in a way, the key. It wanted to be good to dance on.  You listen to old songs from Bee Gees and you think: what is that thing that turns you to dance? Then you try to take that idea and you have also your own ideas… like ABBA did Dancing Queen from Rock Your Baby, with George McCrae.

Rep: Can you take your guitar and show it? Which guitar shall I take?

Christoffer: You can choose by yourself. You can loan one if you want J

Per: We have tried to take away the boundaries as much as we could, but sometimes it is… well, one of the conditions is to believe by yourself that the song is good. There are many songs that have become more classical, but it’s great because you like them.

Rep: So, Helena, what do you think…so you have started to sing a lot here, it is not the first time when you do it…

Helena: Yes, that’s right.

Per Gessle - They call us artists (PART 1)

Per: In the program “Dom kallar oss artister” of this evening you will follow me, Per Gessle, into the studio.

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