Roxette at Nyhetsmorgon - exclusive interview - 31-03-2012

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Rep: In February last year I met Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson in their rehearsing room, before the world tour that they are doing now. Now they have been on tour for 14 months and it is the biggest tour in the world. The fact that Roxette can be on stage again depended on Marie Fredriksson, who had fought a lot against the brain tomour. It was also important for her to be able to resist in this tour. In this exclusive interview Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson talk about this journey which, in spite of all odds, has been done. Marie Fredriksson, welcome to Nyhetsmorgon.

Marie: Thank you!

Rep: Per Gessle, welcome!

Per: Thank you.

Per Gessle about weight, world tour and how to "crop" a Barbie doll


When Per Gessle is at home in Sweden, his wife always says that it is Per who lays the table. To be pedant is nothing he is ashamed of.

- Once, when I was at Tina Turner’s house, she told me that she had fired one of the employees who had turned the toilet paper on the wrong direction. And I understand that, he says to P4 Extra.

Haven’t we understood here, in Sweden, how big Roxette are abroad?  

Roxette go through the archive and release a new album


Just one year after the release of the latest album Roxette are back with another album. Per Gessle tells Tunigo about the production, about what kind of feeling the duo wanted to “catch” on the new album, as well as why they include new versions of old songs on the album. – “It Must Have Been Love” is quite hackneyed, he explains.

Last year “Charm School” album was released. On the 23rd of March Roxette will release “Travelling”. The material is both new and old, Per Gessle says.

- Most of it is newly written, but a part of the songs have some years behind. It is like that when we make a new album. We go through the archive and check out what we have there. The whole idea with the album is to try to catch all the positive energy that exists in a band which has been on tour so long (19 months). We did a similar try in 1992 with an album called “Tourism”.

The album is recorded all over the world. Per names both hotel rooms in South Africa, sound checks in Dubai and live recordings from Rio, and even Aerosol Grey Machine Studio in Österlen. This is owned by Christoffer Lundquist and Per describes it as “the second home”.

Per Gessle interviewed on the Israeli TV2 channel


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Per Gessle - Party Crasher EPK (Electronic Press Kit) 2009


Party Crasher

Per: This album is very different from the other albums. It’s an album which contains short specific songs. It’s an album without guitar, without rock. At the same time I wanted to keep those ingredients that make music function for me, I mean the melody and refrains that I like. So it is still my type of music, it’s just a different form to present it. Now I will record Silly Really, song number one.

Per: Good!

Christoffer: A good refrain.

Per: So Party Crasher is an album based on the fact that I wrote songs with a groove sound, a beat... which I haven’t done before. I always used to sit at the piano or take the guitar and played the melody. But this one is based on a groove sound...

Perhaps it sounds trivial, but to me there is a big difference. I tried to write it in another way. And this has been the whole essence of the album, even if it became a dance album or a party album, I don’t know, but I tried to make it move more than usual.

Roxette’s new single is a very well-made hit


They came back on stage last winter and it feels that they never want to stop. After their come back, Roxette played a) in front of 800,000 fans, b) in 31 countries c) during 79 evenings. The extended tour seems to continue during the whole year 2012.

On the 23rd of March the new album "Travelling" will be released, a kind of "Tourism 2" – recorded on the road during the tour. In hotel rooms, in small studios and during soundchecks.

Perhaps it sounds impossible, but the first single sounds like having been recorded in the backstage of ”Melodifestivalen” (The Music Festival) than in other parts of the world. "It's possible" is a happy pop single, 2.5 minutes long, without frills and with a refrain which already remains in your brain after you have listened to half a song. It’s a classical well-made hit.

"Travelling" tracklist revealed

The tracklist of Travelling has now been revealed in full. See below with comments from Per Gessle:

It's possible - The new Roxette single

You can listen to the new single here:

Roxette: Interview at Nyhetsmorgon (Morning News) - Nov. 28th, 2009


Rep: They have sold 75 million disks and have already done two big world tours, opening the doors to China in 1995. They represent Sweden’s biggest music export after ABBA. But everything turned another way for Roxette when Marie Fredriksson was diagnosed with brain tumour eight years ago. Like this she was talking about her eyes when I met her last spring.

Marie: So if I do like this, this is my good eye. If I look at you like this, wait, I have to turn around and follow my head, because I can’t see anything with this right eye. It’s totally dark. I use to hit things sometimes because I cannot see. But now I have got used to it...

Rep: Nobody thought that Marie Fredriksson would be able to be on stage again. But she is back, with Per Gessle. Roxette have planned 42 concerts in Belgium, Holland and Germany, in front of a very enthusiastic audience. Me and my colleague follow them in Rotterdam.

Rep: It starts to get dark in Rotterdam and we are on the way to a concert with Roxette, who have come back. Marie, after 8 years, why?

Marie: Why not? It is fantastic to play.

Roxette - A New Stage (Documentary in 6 parts) - 1994


Waiter:  Welcome!

Marie: Thank you.

Waiter: Here you are!

Marie: Thanks.

Per: Shall we take a little of this?

Marie: Yes, that would be good.

Per: If you want to see what people want, you are so nice to them. But when it comes about payment, then it is quite expensive.


Per: Marie is not that person who stays long away from the edge of the stage. She comes and dominates the audience.

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