Per Gessle in Halmstad (Party Crasher Tour, 2009)

Rep: Per Gessle, how do you feel at home, in Halmstad?

Per: At this microphone should I talk? Then I try to sit nearer.

Rep: No, it's not needed.

Per: OK, then I can sit like this.

Rep: You don't need to move, you have your camera there!

Per: I have to try then.

Rep: It's perfect. We start again from the beginning: how do you feel at home, in Halmstad?

Per: It's fantastic, perfect. It was not planned. At the beginning of the tour we were planning to play in Europe, but there have been a lot of complainings, so we played twice in Stockholm and once in Halmstad.

Rep: A lot of complainings?

Per: Yes, many people were angry because we didn't play in Sweden, as well. 

Rep: Are you nervous when you are at home?

Per Gessle - Interview - "Smukfest" in Denmark - 2010

Per Gessle - Interview at "Wetten, dass...?" (12 February 2011)

Rep: 70 million sold albums and there will be added a few more millions, as the new album has been released. Roxette, near me is Per Gessle.

 Listen to the interview in English. 

Per Gessle interview - by Tomi Lindblom (2003) / Finland

About Mazarin

Per: The first day when the song was released and it went so well, it felt like: wow, this will be a very big song! The expectations became bigger and the album was released a few weeks later. And it just disappeared. Then we were asked: will you not go on tour? – Yes, how nice! Once we have started, we had to continue to play. But it was quite late in the summer because all the people I wanted to work with were busy with something else, so I had to move the tour quite late in the summer. Then we had to find some important persons from the other tour, as well. But it went really well, a fantastic tour, almost the most beautiful I have done in my life.

Rep: In Sweden you played on big arenas, but here, in Finland, it’s just a little club. Why is it like that?

Roxette in Stockholm - "Room Service" Tour

Interview with Per Gessle (ERR, Estonia, 17 March)

Per Gessle - Interview in Aftonbladet

Per: The summer tour will be a mixture of selling of the new disk, Mazarin song and the album I released with Gyllene Tider.

Rep: So no Roxette.

Per: No, everything will be only in Swedish.

Rep: How do you feel as a summer guy? What do you do in winter?

Per: I play rap. (laughs) Well, I like all seasons, excepting winter. I hate winter, in fact. I start to refuse the winter. It is the same with my friends. It means that we don’t buy winter clothes because we always wear summer clothes in winter. And that requires that you must have a kind of control over taxi cabs, you should be able to go a lot by taxi or by your car.

Rep: But what do you do during the summer, when you are not on tour?

Per: I meet my friends, I live a very normal life. I play football with my son, I drink a bottle of beer, I try to survive at all the cocktail parties. (laughs)

Marie Fredriksson sings a song for ARN (Interview)

Rep: Next week is the premiere for the new ARN-film. The main topic is a classical film ballad, which will bring Marie Fredriksson back to the pop stage.

Rep: A big film with a lot of love and a lot of drama will be released from this film ballad. For the new film, Marie Fredriksson seems to be quite fresh and brings her contribution with the song Där du andas.

Marie: It was long time ago when I did such a good Swedish song. So it is nice.

Rep: But do you think that it will come into the lists?

Marie: Yes, I really think that it will come on the lists and it will surely be good.

Rep: Why do you think that?

Marie: Because it is a great ballad which comes from the heart. I think it is good. Such songs are needed.

Per Gessle Interview About "En Händig Man" Tour


Per: There are so many songs that you can mix here. I try to fix them, but they come automatically, there is nothing to think about.

Rep: Your texts are easy to remember.

Per: Do you think?  Well, I think they are quite difficult, but it has always been like that, to learn the texts and everything. But it works. If the audience sings, I can relax. They know the texts better than I do.

Rep: While Per Gessle is making order in his songs inside Tylösand Hotel, where he has never swum in his life, the stage is being built. And exactly there, on the side, there are Maj-Britt and Gunnar Carlsson, who have been living almost on the stadium for 34 years. They remember when Per Gessle played here in 2004, that time with Gyllene Tider.

Gunnar Carlsson: I remember that the lamps were swinging here in the house.

Maj-Britt: And the armchairs were trembling.

Gunnar Carlsson: Yes, something incredible.

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