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Interview with Per form Cafe magazine

The following interview appeared in the Swedish Cafe magazine. You can find the Swedish version here. Per Gessle about the money, the art of covering up a scandal and the difference between a “sha-la-la” and a “na-na-na.”
1. The first single off your new album, En händig man, will be the hit of the summer, I understand? - Yes that would be nice. But don’t think much about writing hits anymore. With Roxette it was extremely important to have three obvious singles for the USA market so I always put a lot of energy into writing three songs. But when I make music for Sweden I just write – and then someone else gets to choose the singles.
2. Are you a ”handy man” yourself? Can you switch tires on your Ferrari 599 GTB if you had a flat? - Ha ha ha, no I can’t. I wouldn’t even try. I would just call someone.
3. You make commercial music for the masses but are still greeted by the reviewers. How come you don’t get axed like Tomas Ledin? - I think it has to do with that I’m genuinely interested in music. I feel togetherness with these nerdy music journalists, because I’m a nerd myself. I’ve noticed that Marie (Fredriksson) never got the same respect I’ve gotten from the critics. It has got to do with that.
4. Your lyrics have always been considered shit though? - Yes… Maybe they are shit too. But people always come up to me and thank me for songs I’ve written that have meant things to them. Many people play my songs at their weddings and such. So I still feel that my lyrics must touch them somehow.
5. How much do you work with your lyrics?

2008 calendar with Roxette


At appeared a Roxette calendar for the new year.
You can find it here:


Per appears in Caroline Roosmark's Calendar


Per Gessle with family Åsa and Gabriel are in Caroline Roosmark's 2008 calendar "The Women and Men of the Year 2008." "Per usually doesn't do things like these," Caroline says, "but this time he's been very into it. He spent days picking out a good wig!"

As you can see Per, "pop legend," is dressed in a Mozartesque style, with a "guitar" of course (It's called a lute.) He is in May's picture.

You can see the whole calendar here:

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Special video from "Min Bäste Vän"


On you can find the video for "Små Lätta Moln". You can view* it here or download it here

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Merry Christmas!


Once upon a time, there was... Roxette "Neverending Love" Fan Club, Romania


A few days ago, as I was cleaning... my hard disk, I found a small file on my computer, named "Roxette Fan Club.txt". I curiously opened it, and... I saw the fanclub's old website URL, which I found on Google, a few years ago. It was than when I first found out about a Romanian Fanclub, when I met Ionut and asked him about the fan meetings.

I was glad to see that the site is still up, you can find it here:

Maybe, not very far in the future, we'll be, once again, the "Romanian Division of the Official International Roxette Fan Club".

Poze din cartea lui Per

A venit Mosul mai devreme si ne-a adus niste poze din cartea lui Per (facute de Mihaela). Enjoy :)


"Att vara Per Gessle" (Cum e sa fii Per Gessle) - cronica

(articol preluat si tradus de pe - autor: Thomas Evensson)

Per Gessle a fost de acord ca biografia lui sa fie scrisa de catre vechiul sau prieten, jurnalistul Sven Lindstrom, atunci cand Marie Fredriksson a fost diagnosticata cu cancer. El a simtit ca povestea lui trebuie spusa cat timp cei din jurul lui sunt inca alaturi. Imediat dupa aceea le-a venit ideea sa foloseasca tehnica citarilor din cartea "Please kill me", despre care atat Per si Sven vorbesc ca fiind o majora sursa de inspiratie. Sven a scris cateva pagini, i le-a trimis lui Per, care imediat s-a razgandit - nu vroia ca altii sa scrie despre el!
Apoi, Marie si Rolf de la EMI s-au imbolnavit, iar Per s-a razgandit din nou... si iata-ne acum:

"Att vara Per Gessle" (Cum e sa fii Per Gessle) contine in general informatie binecunoscuta pentru majoritatea fanilor, dar de data aceasta informatia e "de la sursa", mai "suculenta" ca sa zicem asa. Si stilul lui Sven este superb. Comparand aceasta carte cu ce s-a mai scris despre Gyllene Tider sau Roxette, aceasta este de multe ori mai buna, atat ca informatie, cat si ca stil. De asemenea, contine stive (la propriu) de fotografii, copii dupa scrisori vechi, faxuri si notite - o sumedenie de lucruri pentru fanii vesnic insetati.
Cartea cantareste 2.2 kg, este in format de vinil (12'' x 12''), si contine si un CD intitulat "Doppade bara tårna - demos 1977-90", cu 7 melodii demo (9 pentru editia speciala Ad Libris):

"Saken slår mej som på huvudet"
"Lägg din hand i min om du har lust"
"Svarta glas"
"It Must Have Been Love"
"The Look"
"Listen to Your Heart" and finally

In plus, cele doua melodii de pe editia Ad Libris sunt: "Dansar ner för ditt stup i rekordfart" ("Soul Deep") si un demo intreg de la "Joyrider."

Calendar de la Marie

Site-ul face un cadou fanilor, anume un calendar (virtual) cu Marie!
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