Interview with Per Gessle - 1983


Rep: Thank you very much, John H. Welcome to one of the members in Gyllene Tider, namely Per Gessle.

Per: Thank you.

Rep: Hi!

Per: Hi!

Rep: How is it with you for the moment?

Per: Thank you, I am quite ok.

Rep: I am thinking that, for Gyllene Tider, there were the years ’80 – ’81 – ’82 which were the most successful. It was that huge time, when you used to go on tours and people used to jump over the fences and it was a little hysteria, wasn’t it?

Per: Yes, that’s right. But we are back.

Rep: How was it?


Gomorron Sverige! - Guest of the day: Per Gessle - May 2011

After a story career with 4 songs No1 in the USA, among others, as well as a lot of tickets sold for the shows, it has happened what was worse in Roxette: Marie has been discovered to have a brain tumor. All thought that it was the end of the story, but this spring Roxette have succeeded to gather thousands of people on the arenas in Russia, South America and they get higher up in the charts. For the moment there is a break in their tour, before flying to the South Africa, that is why we have Per Gessle as a guest, we will talk about this life power that exists in Roxette, because they used to talk about a safe future already at the beginning of the group, in spite of all obstacles.  

Watch the original interview in Swedish, on SVT: part 1 - HERE

Per Gessle's New Project: Film Music for Åkerlund's Black Comedy

Per Gessle makes film music for Jonas Åkerlund's next film "Small Apartments", according to a piece of news which appeared on Roxette's Facebook page. 

Per Gessle, 52 years old, is one of those stars located highest up on the "wishing list" at the Swedish television TV4, before the next session of the program "Så mycket bättre" (So much better). The same as ABBA, Joakim Thåström, 54, Charlotte Perrelli, 37 and Veronica Maggio, 30, Roxette profile is one of the most demanded. 

Talking about job, there is even more job now, although not what Gessle needs. 

While working with Roxette, he has recently started a new project about film music. When Jonas Åkerlund has the premiere of his next film, a black comedy called "Small Apartments", later during 2012, Per Gessle will appear as part of the team. Gessle describes this music as being similar to the music he has written for his solo project "Son of a Plumber". 

Sofia Persson 

Source: GT (Göteborgs Tidning)

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Roxette - Room Service Special - Argentina 2001


Photos: Roxette in Malmö

Roxette played in Malmö on the 4th of November, after 25 years since Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson announced that they had built the group that today is considered to be something mythical: Roxette. After many attempts to conquer USA, they got their first Number One in the USA with ”The Look”. History says that it has been possible to have a huge success in America due to a fan. He must have liked ”The Look” so much that he gave the record to a well known radio station in the USA and he continued to call them until the program chef listened to the song. That radio station included ”The Look” in its playlist and after that the song became quickly a huge hit. 

After 75 million sold records and 4 Number ones in Billboard, they come back today with a big tour. And we don't mean a little cheap tour in Sweden. During one year they succeeded to play in most of the countries in the world. We can mention here Russia, Brasil, Germany, Israel and many others. Next year they are supposed to play, among others, in Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia and England.

Here are photos from their concert at Malmö Arena. Click on the picture to enlarge it...

Roxette: Interview (rapport) SVT 12-10-2006

Rep: One of the most successful Swedish bands who produce export music celebrates 20 years today. Rapport has met Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, together known as Roxette.

Rep: Roxette have done what most of the Swedish bands can just dream about: to have a great international success. And they have done this together. They have sold 45 million albums and 25 million singles. Now Roxette celebrates 20 years.

Marie: It is difficult to understand that there have passed 20 years. It feels like one year.

Per: Actually. It is incredible; we continue to talk to each other.

Rep: Roxette started in 1986. Per Gessle had had a great success before that, with Gyllene Tider, but their popularity was diminishing. At the same time, Marie Fredriksson was an appreciated solo artist.

Per: It was, in fact, a guy from the record company who thought that we should record a song together. Surprisingly, Marie agreed and we recorded it. A single that became very big here in Sweden.

Roxette 1991


Marie: We will have everything with us, so I think that a new Joyride will come.

Rep: Yes, Joyride, the video won the MTV prize for “The best European rock video”, but this does not influence the plans that Roxette have.

Per: I don’t think so. It is important to win, but what is funny with this is to be able to win in front of the competitor.

Rep: The millions continue to come anyway. Joyride has already sold 5 million copies in 20 countries. But the money is not everything that counts in the world, of course.

Per: Money brings a good future, but the most important is to continue to do what you want to do.

Marie: we have got a lot of money in this tour, so I hope that the success will continue. We will see how we spend everything.

Per: Marie has no rings.

Roxette thank for Grammy Prizes

Marie: We are together at Grammy Gala.

Per: And hello to you who are in front of the TV.

Marie: we are sorry that we can't be there with you, but we hope that we will win a lot of Grammy prizes, right? 

Per: Absolutely. And we hope that all of you have a great evening, in spite of the fact that we are not there. And...

Marie: Yes, have a nice time! 

Per: Take care! 

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