Marie Fredriksson at Radio Nova - Finland

Watch the interview in Swedish HERE (Radio Nova - Finland) 

Marie: Hi, here is Marie Fredriksson. I come from a classical workers family, I can say. I have 4 sisters and brothers, so we are 5 children. I am the youngest. So it was me and my nearest sister who was 3 years older than me. The other 3 children were born long before us. We were 4 sisters and a brother. There are 16 years between me and my eldest brother.

My childhood was quite difficult, my mother worked in a food factory and my father was a mailman in the countryside. We lived in a small house in an idyllic village located in the countryside in Skåne (South of Sweden). The family had many members and we got a lot of love. But what was really good was that all the children had inherited from the parents that love and interest for music. My father had a fantastic voice. So he decided to buy a piano where we could play and listen to music. So I can say that I grew up with music and I chose music very early. I have got a lot of support from my family, especially from my father. And I have become what I am today.

Roxette at Jacobs Stege - 1986


Rep (Jacob Dahlin): Welcome to a special edition, this time we will wait for the new year together with the most successful Swedish artists of this year. Welcome here Marie Fredriksson, Magnus Uggla and Per Gessle! You recognize Per and Marie from Roxette. How has this year been for you, Marie?

Marie: It has been fantastic. I have released “Den sjunde vågen” and “Pearls of Passion”.

Rep: And Magnus?

Magnus: Last year, on New Year’s Eve, I was lying in bed, I had pain in my belly, I didn’t feel so well. I vomited and watched Ulf Lundell. And the whole year has been like that, I can say.

Rep: You have watched Ulf Lundell the whole year!

Magnus: The others, as well.

Rep: What about you, Per?

Interview with Roxette - 1992

Per: It was great especially the work for the stage. We had everything with us, the band, the crew, all the people who have worked there. It feels great, it feel that all are the best!

Marie: On a scale from 1 to 10, we use to say 11.

Per: I think that Halmstad, my house...

Fans: Marie, I love you!

Marie: I love you, too!

Fans: Peeer!!

Per: She likes me, it feels nice, actually.

Rep: How much money do you think that Per Gessle earns in a year?

Person 1: 200 millions.

Interview with Roxette - 1993

Rep: The songs that you play here at Cirkus have an acoustic version. How is it to change the songs to acoustic music?

Per: It is not very difficult.

Marie: They are written like that.

Per: Yes, they are written on acoustic guitar and piano and such things. What we tried to do was to find a whole, a song that can fit the 8 members in the band, for example. A part of them can keep the rhythm with the foot, but not too much, as it doesn’t function too well. As you said, many of the songs are remade, so it is difficult to keep this rhythm. For example How Do You Do.

Rep: Do you feel that you sing differently when you do these acoustic versions, differently from the way you usually sing?

Marie: No, probably you don’t stress / accentuate so much, but in principle, it is the same.

Interview with Roxette

Marie Fredriksson - Interview at "Pulsen" TV Show


Rep: Marie Fredriksson!! Hello, welcome!

Marie: Hello, thank you!

Rep: Please, have a seat!

Marie: Thank you!

Rep: This song was really good. A real hit, I can say.

Marie: Yes, it has become a hit.

Rep: We will talk about this song a bit later. But first we have to say that you were born at the end of May and at the end of the ‘50s.  

Marie: Yes. ’58. Östra Ljungby, near Ängelholm.

Roxette on the Victory Train Around the World


Roxette - Hit Songs History

Marie: Yes, it was this song that opened that festival. I was singing as loudly as I could and it was really good.

Per: When I look back at all those one thousand songs that I have written in my life, there is something in “The Look” that sounds magically, it still sounds like a hit.

Brian Philips (program chef KDWB Minneapolis): To listen once is enough. You don’t have to hear it 3 times and think: I like that. It’s just Bang!

Rep: The story of Roxette looks like it is written by themselves. The fact is that there are all coincidences and some random behind all their successes. Besides a magic feeling for pop music, there is also a risk to break your legs in the big crowds, as well as the good opinion of a student who wanted to spread their music all over the world. But we take it from the beginning.

 Rep: In the middle of the ‘80s, Per Gessle is placed on the bottom of his career. The years when he had been a star with Gyllene Tider became history. And as a solo artist, there was nobody who really wanted his disks.

Roxette - 20 years (English Subtitles)



Per Gessle about the success with Roxette and a comeback with Gyllene Tider

Watch the interview in Swedish HERE -

Per: Hi, here is Per Gessle and you are watching Livestage TV, of course.

Rep: Hi and welcome to Livestage here in Globen where Roxette will play tonight. I am here with Per Gessle, welcome!

Per: Thank you very much.

Rep: You're glad for the world tour that you started in February! You have sold over 700 000 tickets.  Probably it will be one million in the end or almost. Have you expected this success?

Per: No, we haven’t expected that. We have started on a lower level, then it has become as big as possible. It seems that we will continue till September next year, so of course it will be about 1.5 million people who will watch our concerts.

Rep: Really crazy!

Per: Yeah, incredible!

Rep: This evening you play in Stockholm and tomorrow in Malmö, right? But you played in Sweden last summer, too, in Gothenburg. How is the Swedish audience compared to the one from outside?

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