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Rep: Per Gessle is the man who always has new projects. Today he has released his double CD as a tribute to his CD collection. This collection consisted of 100 disks when he was 10 years old. Under the name “Son of a plumber”, he has recorded 24 new songs with a visible influence from the groups of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Per: This disk has roots back in my teen-age I can say, until the ‘70s, when I became a teen-ager, as I said. It’s a kind of Jude Box, it’s a kind of... I always say that I am the son of my CD collection and it can be remarked quite early on this disk.

Rep: It can be heard that it has elements from his huge CD collection that has inspired him. On the new songs you can recognize many well-known hits from the ‘60s and ‘70s pop bands.

Per: It’s a tribute to the pop history, this is what I have started to do. This time I tried to keep the rhythms and not to think about something else, but just to be a good sound for myself.

Rep: Have you thought about that it would be sold well and so on?

Marie Fredriksson: Interview at TV4 About Her First Art Exhibition: After The Change

 Reporter: Three years ago Marie Fredriksson, the world star from Roxette, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Since then she has been fighting to come back to life again. A way to do that was painting and today she inaugurates her first exhibition at a gallery in Stockholm.

Marie: Thank you, God, that I still can draw. Time goes, life goes, and you must do what you want to do. You must fulfil your dreams. I am so happy that I have finally opened this exhibition.

Reporter: Marie Fredriksson has painted all the time, in parallel with making music. But it has been private until now. Now she exposes 24 very personal paintings and the exhibition is called “After the Change”. But how is it going when you do this? It goes quite quickly...

Marie: Yes, it does.

Reporter: So that the pencil gets damaged!

Marie: Yes, you can think like that.

Interview with Åsa Gessle

 Watch the interview on the Swedish TV4 HERE

Reporter: Now we are sitting in the back side of the garden. What does this side mean to you? 

Interview: Roxette

Swedish pop duo Roxette, consisting of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, emerged onto the pop scene back in 1986 with thier debut record Pearls Of Passion followed by thier international 1988 breakthrough, the iconic Look Sharp.

Roxette - Live at Hallenstadion Zürich - 31.10.2011

Roxette rocks the TUI-Arena in Hannover – here you find also several pictures!


Once again, the same thing like it was earlier with Per and Marie on „Joyride“-Tour: 7000 fans celebrate the comeback of the successful duo from the '90s – Roxette – at TUI-Arena.

SHE’S GOT THE LOOK: Marie Fredriksson appeared in the best mood at TUI-Arena yesterday evening

Roxette in Israel


Look what Google Translate means and you will understand why I am against it! :( At least look at the pictures, they are really nice! 

SOURCE 1: Walla 

SOURCE 2: Ynet 

SOURCE 3: Mako

Source 1: "Just before the expected appearance of Rookst Saturday, half the car landed yesterday, AKA bull Gesell at the airport. And Walla! Celebs listening to the heart

Roxette in Hannover - RTL Regional Interview









It is the comeback of the year. After a ten years break, Roxette come on the stage here in Niedersachsen. 

Charm School Revisited!!


Charm School Revisited  - To be released November 28th

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