Gessle makes a comeback!

Per Gessle surprises all by making a comeback. Photo: Jonas Lemberg
Per Gessle will release the new disc: "Abba-tempo"
Here are fall's most unexpected pop news:
Per Gessle is back.
- I am as surprised as anyone else, "said the pop star.

Expressen has reached Per Gessle in London where he is now to receive a prize for Roxette USA-first no 1 "Listen to your heart", played for four million times on American radio.
But Gessle is the man who would rather look forward than backward.
- In a few weeks I’ll go to the United States and try to release the new disc there.
The new disc is called "The party crasher" and comes out on Dec 3. First test will be the single "Silly really," already to be release in about three weeks.
- It has gone really quickly. I agree about Abba-tempo right now, "he says with a laugh.

He makes beats on the laptop

Gessle admits, however, that he started to write new songs at the end of last year, since he began to like making beats on his laptop.
- I had no ambition; it was just so damn funny. It is always a good sign that there is something on the track when you sneak upstairs to make music.
He thinks the Bee Gees, Chic and Nile Rodgers and David Bowie 'Let's dance "to be the sources of inspiration.
- The songs have been inspired by a beat, and then, it has become dance music from the 70 - and 80's. It sounds pretty synthesis, but there are some r'n'b there too. It sounds warm and cozy.
- Helena Josefsson sings a lot on the album, and she has done magic.

Besides Helena Josefsson , Clarence Öfwerman and Christoffer Lundquist have participated,as usual, in the recordings of the twelve album tracks.

Gessle, who worked closely with super Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn, has also done the new press photos.

EMI Argentina decides to release Marie’s compilation

[img_assist|nid=1522|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=300|height=300] All of a sudden, EMI-Odeón Argentina has just decided to release the latest compilation by Marie, "Tid för tystnad". What makes this even stranger is that the company refused to release both "The Change" and "Son Of A Plumber", which were sung in English (and hence, had a wider potential market).

The CD looks exactly like the European edition, and it has an sticker in the back that reads (in Spanish): "Product to be sold exclusively in South America, except Brazil". Just for the record, this is the first Swedish album by Marie to be available out of Sweden since the Japanese edition of "I en tid som vår" in 1997.

This is the first Marie (or Per) solo album ever printed and released in Argentina. Some of their older albums used to be available at the stores, but they were imports.

Source: The Daily Roxette

Per enters Swedish album chart

Per Gessle's re-released and extended album "The World According to Gessle" enters the Swedish album chart at #14.

Fans state this is a great position for the 11 year-old album and also because it does not have a single promotional.

Sources: The Daily Roxette

“Per Gessle” 25 years old

Today the album "Per Gessle" turns 25 years old! The album, which was at first supposed to be called "Syrenernas tid" ("Age of the Lilacs"), was released 25 years ago today, on April 8, 1983. Per tells us that he started recording this album right after "Puls" when the other four in Gyllene Tider were drafted for the army. I remember I didn't really get along with my high voice so I set all the songs in keys too low (to get a 'deeper' voice). This is/was a big mistake. Some songs, for example 'Syrenernas tid' would have been much better with some sharper vocals. Per isn't really happy with the sleeve either. It was shot at Tylösand and at the suite at the Hallandia Hotel in Halmstad. I never liked the sleeve, much too 'grown up' for a 24 year old… but maybe that happened to show a different side of me than the one in GT… The album generated one single; "Om du har lust" with the flip side "Överallt" and "Man varnade för halka." The single is quite hard to find. EMI even claimed it was never released. Some sources claim that the singer Anne-Lie Rydé loved "Segla på ett moln" so much that she "stole" it (convinced Per she could have it,) but that's not how it went down. Anne-Lie got it because it was a left-over. "Per Gessle" was released on CD in the box set "På väg" July 1 1992, this time with three bonus tracks. "Segla på ett moln," performed together with Marie Fredriksson, ended up on the album "Demos 1982-86." Source: Daily Roxette

"The world according to Gessle" will be (re)released on the 14th of May

TWATG will be (re)released on the 14th of May. You can already pre-order here:
Fow now, it isn't known if it will be released outside Sweden as well.



Per discovers yet another demo for “The World” re-release!

Per writes for "The Daily Roxette": jeezus - no order in the bedroom! this morning i found a very early demo of "Wish you the best" called "Drum", which we just have to use on new TWATG-release!!! So… WYTB is left out in the cold… the album release is set for early May. that's the most recent whisper in the EMI corridors… P. Source: Daily Roxette
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