"Pearls of Roxette" comes to Odorheiu Secuiesc

Even if there are a couple of months until the concert, the Roxette fans form Romania,will have soon the opportunity to sing the Swedish duo's famous songs together with "Pearls of Roxette", a band from Hungary.

The official Roxette tribute band has five members: Linda Lukacs (vocals), Gábor Keleti (vocals and guitar), Kovács Kristóf (keyboards), Krasznai Miklós (bass) and Gábor Kovács (drums) and was regrouped in 2010.

It Must Have Been Love, Joyride, Listen to Your Heart, Fading like a flower, Big L, She's got nothing on (But the Radio), Things Will Never Be The Same, Dangerous, Hotblooded, The Look, Sleeping in my car are just some of the songs that will resonate in Thunder Rock Club from Odorheiu Secuiesc on March 12, 2011.

In the opening of the concert, announced for 20:30, will perform the local band Hot Snow Storm. Pearls of Roxette will start their performance around 22.00.


Martinique will sing in the opening of the tour


Martinique is Helena's husband and he will be singing in the opening of the concerts. He started a blog with nice impression about the rehersals, the upcoming tour and Stockholm as well. You can check it here.


Marie goes clubbing!


"White room" is a night club in Stockholm and it had its 3rd aniversary on first of October. Smiley Marie and Mikael were there and they were real stars among other guests. They stayed near the drinking table all throught the night.

Source: Stureplan

Crashing through the doors

Vanilla Ninja, power pop trio formed by Lenna Kuurmaa (vocals), Piret Järvis (guitar) si Katrin Siska (keyboards), a rocking girl band that is a well known act in the Central European scene, and now in Latin America, after participating successfully in the biggest summer Festival in Latin America, the Festival of Viña del Mar, this past February.
Before the girls will go on tour next June in the Baltic states, and their second visit to several countries in Latin America in July - August, they want to release a single to warm up the audience. After discussing this issue with Hector Faune, their manager/promoter for Latin America, Hector proposed to get in touch with Per Gessle from Roxette to have a possible song co-operation, as he feels Vanilla Ninja's music has lots of similarities to Roxette's uptempo and power ballad style.

When Per was approached for a co-operation he sent over two demos; "T-t-t-take it!" and "Every Day Outside My Window" but the girls felt these particular songs didn't suit them; "Per kindly sent us two songs, and we picked one to use for the next release" says Lenna, vocalist in Vanilla Ninja. The song, "Crashing Through The Doors," is composed by Per Gessle, with original lyrics from Piret Järvis and Lenna Kuurmaa. Readers of The Daily Roxette will be pleased to know this is an English version of Per Gessle's "Spegelboll" from the highly successful "Mazarin" album released in 2003.

On the question if this will be the start of a bigger co-operation with Per, Lenna replies: "Probably. I hope so. He himself was also very interested in it, but unfortunately a person who's as famous as him, his calendar is planned for a year or two."

You can listen to the hole song here:

The lyrics :
We’re crashing through the doors
To get the cherry-tasting cream

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