Per finally admits the fraud

After the Halmstad gig, the whole gang went to Leif's Lounge for a drink. Everybody seemed to be having a very good time, until Pelle asked Per a quite unpleasant question: "Do you have any gold or platinum records?".

Stunned, Per tries to think of an answer, while moving his camera aimlessly around, but he finally admits: "No." It's sad for the fans to hear such news, but we have to live with it: all the gold or platinum records owned by Per or Roxette are a fraud. See for yourself:

PS: All character and events here are purely fictious ;) It was only a joke :D

PPS: New videos from Halmstad on Youtube Extravaganza (no trick this time :))

1st Stockholm gig

UPDATE: More videos from, no Marie: Dressed for succes | It must have been love | Opportunity nox | Queen of Rain & end

Original article:

First words from Per after #1 concert in Stockholm:

"Yes sir - back in Stockholm! And what a Saturday night it turned out to be. The beautiful venue Cirkus, a very relaxed band and crowd-pleasing setlist and... of course... a mind-blowing audience that makes life so easy for us!!! You guys & gals in the front row you're the best, sweatin' it out, groovin' along our mood of the day, without you it would be very much harder to do what we wanna do! Thanx! And everything got captured on film, it's gonna be a sensational DVD. See ya tomorrow, same place, same time.

Cheers, P."

And a clip (7twenty7):

New videos on

and two more videos on Youtube Extravaganza.


Amsterdam videos from Per

UPDATE: It must have been love. Per and Marie at the soundcheck. Great voice. A must-see!

Here you can see Per and Marie after the Amsterdam show. They look happy and pleased :)


UPDATE: Some photos from the show:

New Party Crasher posters

While waiting for Per's videos from Amsterdam, we received 2 nice Party Crasher posters from Ognian. You can view them as JPEG, or download them as TIFF, for a high-quality print. Enjoy and thank Ognian!

[ TIFF version - 50x80cm, 200dpi, 32MB ]

[ TIFF version - 50x80cm, 200dpi, 32MB ]

Per about Amsterdam

On his website, Per comments:

"What a nite!!! The show felt fab from the start. Had a tiny technical problem with my earphones but hey... who needs ears when you got Amsterdam at your feet! Great crowd; loud, curious, receptive. Joyride was superb. Christoffer's solo on Doesn't make sense was mind blowing. Then, of course, Marie joined us for IMHBL and The Look. What can I say? She was in terrific shape and it felt like central Europe went nuts!!!! Thanx everyone for your support, we all had a blast. Now we fly back home to greet the Swedish soil. Dinner with mother.

Cheers, P.

and later, he adds on Twitter:

"The Richter-scale reached new hights when Marie joined me on stage. got fab videos later today."

A new site, some nice pictures and rumours on Twitter, news flash!

Per said on his Twitter account @PartyPleaser that the tour might continue " There are some plans."

Some fans pictures from Hamburg signing session  from

A new site is born, a blog to be more exact, where you'll find news about everything in the Roxette world.


From and

More videos from and some beautiful words from Per Gessle himself.

Per told The Daily Roxette yesterday that "Party Crasher" is now slated for release in the UK. The label releasing the album is not EMI/Capitol, but Sony! Release date is set for June 15. Per, who along with his management has been working on getting such a record deal for some time, is obviously quite happy about it, saying "Miracles do happen!" The Party Crasher tour hits London this Monday, May 4.

"Guten abend. Hey, it's time to say farewell to Germany for now. Munich became a most delightful stop on this, for all of us, classic tour. We just love to play for you guys and gals!!! Now we take 2 days off, back to our families and the 7 o'clock news. Cheers, all of you. Belgium, are you ready??? We can't wait to kick ass in Gent!!!


Interview with Per at


Youtube extravaganza from Per

This time on you can easly navigate and videos can be found here at this link

18:03 CET New videos added!

Back in cookin' Zürich. I have so many fond memories of this town including great concerts with Roxette over the years and this was no exception. Great crowd and a nice sloppy hard-rockin' band in a beautiful setting, very cool club. We did "Sleeping in my car" today as well and "LTYH" was just magnificent. Thanx for stopping by this overwhelming experience called the Party Crasher Tour!!!!

Luv, P.

PS. As you might've noticed there wasn't any m&g on my behalf in Z last nite. The reason for this was that it wasn't possible for us to do it inside the Kaufleuten Club and standing an hour on the pavement in a freezing Swiss-april-nite after a sweaty Swiss-April-show isn't something my doctors would recommend. Next time, darlings!



PS. some photos from Prague's concert here at


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