A change in the setlist "Sleeping in my car"

Here you can watch a video from a fan: Sleeping in my car


And from Martinique some extra videos:



Cologne, a dream but still the real thing.

Hallelujah!! What have we done to deserve this??? What a gig! What a crowd! This reception is way beyond anything I can remember!!! My-gosh-almighty! Everything was purrfect from the first chord to the last. We've noticed so many familiar faces in the front row so we decided to rehearse "Sleeping in my car" at the soundcheck. It sounded OK so after "Steppin' stone" we thought we'd have a go for you guys upfront!!! Cheers, hope you liked it!!!
Switz tomorrow (this tour has become a.... monster... fantastic!!!!)

Tired but happy, P.





Hamburg from Martinique's blog

From Martinique's blog you can see a video and some impresions from Hamburg.

Source : Martinique

Videos from Hamburg show and impressions from

Awrite! Back in Germany!!! You could tell by the amazing crowd and the turbo charged band. Together we made Hamburg a little louder, a little tighter and a lot warmer. Thanx everyone for your help remembering the lyrics and making the roof disappear!!! An everlasting memory (Chris, it's definitely time to wash that shirt now...).
Time-out tomorrow!!!

Lots of luv,



Some videos from Warsaw and some downloads

Prague's show from a diffrent point of view

From Martinique's blog you find a video and some details about the Prague's gig and of course some pictures you can find here on this link


A little review and tones of videos HQ only on

April 26th, 2009


Unbelievable happen reality. My big dream came true!

It was a splendid experience. I met personally the singer from Roxette - Per Gessle.

Do you have dream too? So dream! It may became true because I'm an exemple of it :)

This trip to Prague brings me also new friends. This way I'm greeting Mihaela and Maria from Romania and Sandra from Germany.

Together with Romanian fan club we're bringing to you exclusive videos from Prague.

And what is most important?! Only at www.T2.SK!!!

Videos for download:



Prague's gig





Warsaw gig

What a night! Thanks a million to all of you who showed up and joined us for this most memorable evening. It turned out to be an amazing gig! We certainly had a blast on stage and I could tell from all the noise that the crowd wasn't too unhappy either... I have to come back to Poland before long... Love it here!!!

Cheers, P.

PS. Movies and photos to follow, as usual!


News from Per on

"Day off in Warsaw. Great town, spring is here, everyone's got a smile on their face... Had a great dinner with BoJo, Clair & Pelle-King-of-Sao-Paulo-Alsing. Nice hotel, however the gym is too small but got friendly staff, Michael Bolton is in the guest book. Life is worth living!

Yours truly, Mr Gee"


And a video from Copenhagen, on Martinique's blog:

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