Per about a future Roxette bootleg with demos and everything all on Twitter!

When a fan asked him about the possible release of old Rox albums that will be remastered and release with extended booklets and unreleased bonus tracks he said :" Yes, coming this autumn. Bonus material and demos etc..."


Some fan videos from the concert



Church of your heart:

She doesn't live here anymore:

The Party Pleaser:

The Look:

Source: RTR forum


Copenhagen was fu##ing fantastic!!! The crowd was sent from heaven and the band was kicking ass like never before. A delight to be on stage! Everything was a gas, maybe - just maybe - Dangerous was bit slow... On the other hand Opp nox was a bit too fast... Yeah!!! Best... so far... !!!





About Oslo

It was a beautiful night in Oslo. Great crowd, great response and some songs felt really really awesome. I particularly enjoyed Stupid, She doesn't live here & LTYH. Tonight it's Copenhagen and it's time for some minor changes in the setlist.

Cheers, P.

Per singing in Helsinki

Here you can see Per singing "It must have been love", in Helsinki, on the 16th of April.


Sound check for Oslo gig

Again on Martinique's blog a story about tonight show and performances and a video with sound check of the band.



Again some homemovies GFV

For those who have Facebook account here is a video from the first concert.


The tour has started in Helsinki

Per is very pleased with last night's gig. Enjoy some more home movies! GFV - Gessle's Funniest Videos...

we're all more than happy with the band's slightly whimsical but
loveable performance (hey, it was the opening nite!!!) and the
beyond-belief-response from the beautiful helsinki crowd. mr alsing
claims it was his best premiere-experience ever!!!! how about that,
he's almost as old as i am..... more to come


Interviews and newspapers articles about Per

BBC have taken an interview to Per before London's concert. There is nothing new for the fans in this interview , but it;s nice that UK media has shown some interest about Per. Anoter article has apparead on the BBC about the same content, but is worth mention it here. The very popular site Digitl Spy has a spot also.

Libertatea from today writes about a possible Roxette reunion.


In Finland ,where the tour starts, you can find an interview and you can download it from here.



New videos from Martinique

On Martinique's blog new videos with the band, stage etc. Stay tune for more!


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