Per at Babben & Co and some updates on the tour

Per performed on the Swedish show called "Babben & Co" on SVT1, March 21. You can watch it here: And two photos from behind the scene:
About the upcoming tour, there are two updates:
  • The Party Crasher concert in Copenhagen has been moved from Vega to Pumpehuset. The London show from March 17 has been moved to O2 Islington Academy (formally the Carling Academy). Per comments: These venues were changed because I prefer to play smaller venues (500-800 ppl) on this tour of mine. That has been my intention since day 1. Shepherd's Bush holds 2300 (way too big for someone like me!) and "large" Vega takes about 1300 incl the balconies. "Small" Vega wasn't available so we set our eyes on Pumpehuset. Now i'm happy! P.

Per on SVT1

According to, Per will be performing on "Babben & co", on Swedish channel SVT1, on the 21st of March, 2009.

You can see the programme for STV1 here.

Poll results: Which will be the next single after "Sing along"?

It seems that the final battle will feature "Breathe Life into Me" and "The Party Pleaser", because these are the 2 tracks from Party Crasher that are most likely to become a single, according to fans' opinion. And, very often, the fans are the ones who decide if a song is good or not.

After more than 200 votes, "Breathe Life into Me" has 30% of them, "The Party Pleaser" has 25%, and the rest between 3% and 9%.

But let's wait and see what Per will decide!

My music is cooler than myself

In yesterday's issue of the Swiss newspaper "Blick am Abend", there was a short interview with Per: Your current album is called "Party Crasher". Are you a Party Crasher? Of course. I love celebrating. The album is a mix of 70-ies pop and 80-ies grooves. Conclusion: My music is much cooler than myself. I can't help dancing to this music. So you'll still rock when you'll be 70 years? Hopefully. Since I have been 19, I'm on stage. That's more than 30 years. Something else is unimaginable. Now I'm living so awarely that my health will allow me to rock until a ripe old age. Now we want to know it: Marie and you, were you a couple during Roxette-times? No. Never. We were, are and will always be super friends. We grew up together - in Halmstad, a small Swedish hicksville. Will there be a comeback of Roxette? There's nothing planned at the moment. But never say never. Sometimes we're allowing in this idea and then we get euphoric. What's the difference between your new singer Helena and Marie? They're both fantastic singers. Every one in her own manner. Marie sung my texts as a leadsinger itself and with Helena I sing together. Will you also sing Roxette songs on April the 28th in Zurich? Of course! My favorite song is "The Look". A concert without this song is unimaginable. You've met a lot of stars. Which meetings were the most exciting ones? The ones with Mickey Rourke and Alice Cooper. In the 80-ies we celebrated wild parties. The guys took off and knew exactly what were cool parties!

26 songs for the tour

On SR Swedish Radio Station, there is an interview featuring Helena, in which we find out some details regarding the upcoming Party Crasher tour. There will be 25 songs, plus 1 bonus. The songs will include Roxette tracks, but these will be sung only by Per (Helene won't sing Marie's parts).

Source: SR, Runtoroxette Forum

Christoffer Lundquist for!

1. How did you get involved in the music industry? By chance. In 1991 a friend of mine (David Birde) who played in a band called Brainpool that none had ever heard about asked me if I could be the stand-in for their bass player. He was going to do military service for a year. So I joined them and when the time came for the original bassist to come back I'd gotten so involved in the music the rest of the band felt I should stay permanently. I did and two years later we released our first album. 2. What kind of music has an influence on your creations? Any kind of music really. I do have a especially strong love for pop and rock music made roughly between 1965 and 1975. In that period there was so much amazing music made I can't believe it. The Beatles, The Who, Crosby,Stills and Nash, Joni Mitchell, Small Faces, Led Zeppelin, Dr.John, The Band, Genesis, Yes, Van Der Graaf Generator, Simon and Garfunkel etc etc etc. This list could fill the whole page if I would continue...and all the soul music recorded in this period, the Motown stuff, Stax, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin...not to speak of country music from the same period: Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton. Fantastic music! But I listen to so much different music from any period including contemporary music and classical music. To tell you the truth I'm a totally single-minded music nerd. I'm really not interested in anything else. After a 12-14 hour working day in the studio I often wind down by - listening to music! 3. How did you meet Per and Marie?

Per Gessle talks about Party Crasher!

From you can see this wonderful video about the ideas behind Party Crasher album! Now with an English subtitle!

Per Gessle-Silly Really is nr 1 in Romania's airplays top!

In Romania's airplays top Per Gessle's single "Silly Really " is NR 1 . Let hope it stays there for a long time.

Let The Right One In Trailer Per Gessle

You can listen to a snippet of the song "Kvar i min Bil" (Left in my car) and you can see in the actual movie a CD with younger Per .Enjoy!
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