Per Gessle international tour!

Pressrelease Jan 27th 2009 PER GESSLE IS THE MAN FROM ROXETTE HIS FIRST INTERNATIONAL SOLO TOUR There are few artists who can measure up to Per Gessle’s many successes as an artist and songwriter. Being a frontman and main writer of Roxette, Per has staggering record sales of more than 45 million albums and 25 million singles. The enormous amount of No.1 hits all over the world include no less than 4 US No.1’s. This uncrowned king of Swedish pop is still re-inventing himself as a songwriter and performer and the result is his brand new album “Party Crasher” which includes the No.1 single “Silly Really”. After worldwide tours with Roxette and recordbreaking Swedish shows, Per Gessle is now ready to embark on his first European solo-tour, taking his vast legacy of Roxette-songs, the Party Crasher album and his fellow musicians to European clubs. Per Gessle’s new band includes three former Roxette musicians; Clarence Öfwerman on keyboards, Pelle Alsing on drums and Christoffer Lundquist on guitar and vocals. Add to these Helena Josefsson on vocals and Magnus Börjesson on bass guitar and you get a sensational line-up. “I’d love to do a tour like this since I haven’t played the club circuit since 1989!!” says Gessle. “The set will be a guitar-based power pop bonanza so me and the band look forward to lots of fun, lots of hits and to perform our new groovy dance moves!” A splendid time is guaranteed for all. Tour dates 16.4 Helsinki, Tavastia Club 19.4 Oslo, Rockefeller 20.4 Copenhagen, Vega 22.4 Warsaw, Stodola 23.4 Prague, Lucerna Hall 25.4 Hamburg, Grunspan 27.5 Cologne, Gloria Theatre 28.4 Zürich, Kaufleuten 29.4 Münich, Muffathalle 2.5 Gent, Handelsbeurs 4.5 London, Shepherds Bush Empire 6.5 Amsterdam, Melkweg 9.5 Stockholm, Cirkus 10.5 Stockholm, Cirkus - EXTRA For more information please visit

Asa get Per Gessle a surprise party!

Åsa Gessle surprised her husband by throwing him a party for his 50th anniversary on Wednesday night at Per Gessle's own nightclub Leifs Lounge in Halmstad. One hundred friends of the pop-star showed up at the lavish party. Photo: Niklas Henrikczon Gessle spoiled by his wife HALMSTAD. He thought it would be a quiet family dinner.. Instead it was a super secret surprise party. ” - I am totally overwhelmed, "said the pop-king to Expressen last night. The party lasted all night long on Gessle’s own hotel, exclusive Tylöhus a stone's throw away from the sea, in Halmstad. The program was made in top secret. The main character himself suspected nothing - until he came to Tylöhus and was met by around 100 friends and acquaintances who gathered to celebrate the anniversary. Among the guests were Roxette colleague Marie Fredriksson, musician friends Lasse Lindbom and Niklas Strömstedt, star director Jonas Åkerlund and Live nation's CEO Thomas Johansson. ”- I'm pleased. And somehow, it feels like a family dinner - throughout slightly larger” , told an obvious dazed Per Gessle during a break in the celebration. How does it feel to have been 50? ”- I am not thinking so much about it. It feels much like the past, I think. It seems more to others who care. “ You didn’t wanted something big for your birthday celebration? ”- Yes. But, between us - Seeking revenge is sweet”, and he hugged his wife. Disco evening's theme The theme of the evening was appropriately disco. Hotel’s nightclub Leifs Lounge was decorated in the style of the legendary New York Disco Studio 54 – a tribute to Per Gessle. ”- It is well suited, since Per is in a disco period right now, "says Åsa Gessle who planned the party.

Per Gessle talks about Marie Fredriksson in "Filter" magazine !

The Swedish magazine "Filter" has interviewed "The Party Crasher" Per Gessle for its latest issue. In a very open-hearted interview Per Gessle is also talking about his friend Marie Fredriksson and Roxette. How far away is Roxette? How is Marie doing? Marie is fine. She has days on which she is exactly like she's ever been and other days on which she is very tired. We don't meet each other very often, maybe once a month. But we have recorded some songs for the Roxette Greatest Hits album and she did a song on my album "Mazarin". Do you miss working with her? This is difficult to say. Sometimes I miss the old Roxette times and the teamwork we had. At the same time Marie wasn't too interested in Roxette the years before she got sick. When I think about the recording sessions in the studio I don't want that part of Marie back. We love each other like brother and sister and we have a really huge child together - Roxette. At the same time I know that she lives a different life now. She works a lot with her art and music business is really tough. I don't know if she is anxious enough to expose herself to this whole promotion and TV-stress again. Have you never talked about it? That may sound ridiculous, but no. Not since she got sick. We have talked about the songs we recorded. That was ok, not fantastic. We shouldn't have done them down in Skåne with Christoffer and Clarence where I marked my territory since the Mazarin album. I believe that she felt a bit excluded there. These parts of the interview are used with kind permission of author Ika Johannesson and the "Filter" magazine. Source: and "Filter" magazine

Release date for "Sing Along" single

As previously reported, "Sing Along" will be the next Swedish single. It will be released in two colors on February 4. The tracklist: 01. Sing Along (radio edit) (3:25) 02. Theme from 'Roberta Right' (3:05) 03. Sing Along (album version) (4:01) Source: TheDailyRoxette

Golden times are waiting for the forever young Gessle!

Per Gessle read these pages. A concrete proof of this is when signed journalist was contacted by Per Gessle when he read an interview with the anniversary of Charlie Karlsson -Urberg 20-year-old -which was published here. He has Down syndrome and loves music. In the photo he happily posed with a guitar. Per Gessle wanted Charlie’s address to send a gift on his birthday. Charlie Karlsson-Urberg got a big package full of music CDs and he was so pleased that he wept. "I liked Charlie anyway. I hope he feels good! “ Per Gessle grew up in Halmstad as the youngest sibling in a crowd of three children. His mother was a housewife and the fact that both his father and grandfather were Plumbers is reflected in the choice of a name for an album: Son of a Plumber. At the school they thought he was very naughty. "I never fit in. I was rescued by The Monkee‘s “I'm a believer “and John Lennon's pile to the Rubber Soul-cover. Soldier? I couldn’t believe it: I do not dress in green”. Instead, it was the breakthrough with the group Gyllene Tider and their “Girls on TV2”. A really blond Gessle singing in Monday's stock market and the girls yelled and they surely kept on doing so. Now, the girls are still screaming together with their children. Or, clatter maybe a little bit with jewelry costumes. Per Gessle is still a hit machine with his eternally new work beet partners. ”I'm more of a director than a regular musician when I work. I have my head full of ideas but I need partners who can things better than me. Play and sing, for example. I am pretty good at motivating and engaging, I have noticed. I have often been told that I am revealing new pages out of people. Then I am very happy, "says the man who describes his own voice as “little cool” and its composing as “okay, but I can get better. "

He has luck, timing and talent!

He has luck, timing and talent Per Gessle was the pop nerd who sat at home and kept dreaming from his boy’s room in Halmstad. And then he got beyond his dreams and did a great job all over the world. Faced with his 50th anniversary he talks through e-mail about his talent, success and happiness to be a dad. Tell us a little about how your life looks like now! "It is quite calm after some intensive weeks with the Party Crasher promotion. In the spring we will try to do some work in Europe and the United States and penetrate record labels and the media. I think the plate deserves all my attention well into the 2009 as well. " You sometimes described as the little boy who has achieved all his dreams. How well you match the description? "Well, that is pretty good. On the other hand, I dreamed hardly all that wonderful things that has happened in my career. I am a small town guy, so my dreams were quite modest and realistic. I have had the three T-s : Luck(tur-in Swedish), Timing, Talent. " How important is it to myself to listen to great music in order to become a good songwriter? "That’s an interesting question. You learn a lot from what you like. This is, of course valid in life. A good songwriter gets inspired just like Zlatan or Picasso, a good journalist or a creative director. So it is not so stupid to have a heavy collection of discs if you want to solve the mystery of pop music. On the other hand, I think that it is easy to be inhibited by listening too much. In the same way as talent can put a spanner in the music composing. The simpler it is, always it’s the hardest.” If you would divide your life into periods, which one would be the most important one and why?

Happy 50th Birthday PER!

As you probably know Per Gessle celebrates his 50th birthday today. We would like to wish him many more to come, live long and stay happy! Please leave your messages for him also on the official forum at click here The video is made by Mihaela (mixella) you cand download it here and the photo is made by Ovidiu - thank you!. team wishes Per Gessle a Happy Birthday!

Poll results: How far in the East will Per go in his european tour?

So, how far in the East will Per go in his european tour? Here are the poll results, after almost 150 opinions have been registered.

It's 100% certain that Per will include Germany, Norway, Italy in his next european tour. And it's pretty certain (77%) that Sweden, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia will see Per, too.
Poland and Hungary have 62% chances of seeing Per, and for Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria, it's almost a toss of a dime: 51%.
It seems that Russia is too far for Per, having only 19% chances for being included in his tour.

At least, that't what the fans think. We are looking froward for any official disclosures. Maybe Per will tell us something on his birthday!

Silly Really (Right Into Your Bed remix)!

Per lets us know that the new remix of "Silly Really" will be released January 19 or 26. It's also supposed to be available in "all digital stores." The song is remixed by Dick Mixon and is very '80s influenced according to The Daily Roxette's sources. Source: TheDailyRoxette
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