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Per and Marie brought back the perfect day

There were screams, wolf whistles, shouts of "Marie!", cheers, hoots, hollers, and just about every other loud sound of jubiliation you could possibly imagine when Per Gessle invited Marie Fredriksson to join him on stage this evening. And yet, if one paused for a moment to look at the people around them, it was rather easy to spot people with tears in their eyes. It was, by all accounts, an extremely emotional moment... and many in attendance at the Melkweg Arena felt they were witnessing pop music history being made. In the moment of silence just before Marie was about to sing, someone near the front of the audience — a male voice —  shouted "Thank you God!".

Marie sang lead vocals on "It Must Have Been Love" and "The Look". The best videos so far can be seen on youtube:

It must have been love (download):

The look (download):


Source: Daily Roxette

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