SingStar gets Roxette ballads pack

SingStar for PS3 gets another song pack - Roxette Rocks. This pack includes the following tracks

* Joyride
* The Look
* Dressed For Success
* Sleeping In My Car
* Wish I Could Fly

This song pack is according to Sony already available in their SingStore. (According to it is not.)

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New Roxette picture

The Daily Roxette offers a new picture of Roxette - taken at Per Gessle’s last concert on his Party Crasher tour in Cirkus, Stockholm. Rickard Eriksson took the b/w photo. Get the desktop wallpaper here!

Source: The Daily Roxette

Roxette ballads in Sony’s SingStar

Would you like to have a party in your head? Then just buy updated version of Sony’s SingStar with 5 exclusie Roxette ballads:

- Fading Like A Flower
- It Must Have Been Love
- Listen To Your Heart
- Run To You
- Spending My Time

A splendid time is guaranteed for all. For sure.

Source: Roxetteblog

Roxette’s Twitter page

 It is official. Our little pop duo has their own Twitter page. Not sure if it is going to be updated regularly, but it is worth seeing just for amazing 2002 photo.

And by the way, don’t forget to add RoxetteBlog on Twitter.



“The Look” & “It must have been love” live from Stockholm´+ interview with Per on Sirius

You can download HERE Per Gessle´s interview from Sirius . There are even hidden two little gems - “The look” and “It must have been love” live from Stockholm on May 10th.

Thanks to shirley @ R2R.


Roxette reunion special to air on Nordic Rox; Marie special on Swedish P4

NEW YORK - A Roxette reunion special, hosted by Per, will air in the U.S. this Sunday, May 31, on Sirius XM satellite radio. 

The Nordic Rox show will broadcast the songs the duo recently performed together in Stockholm. Nordic Rox, which Per hosts regularly, airs weekly on Sunday nights at 8:00 pm EST.

During the Roxette reunion special, listeners will also hear a broadcast of Per's recent concert in London where he performed both solo songs as well as Roxette favorites.

Each week, Nordic Rox turns the spotlight on the quality and depth of Scandinavian music, expanding upon the success of established as well as up-and-coming artists ranging from ABBA and The Cardigans to The Hives and The Sounds among many others. The specialty program has become a destination for music fans in the U.S. to hear exciting new music emanating from the Nordic countries (See the following sidebar story). 

Additionally, every day between Monday, June 1 and Thursday, June 4, several channels will broadcast a edited versions of the special, including a conversation with Per discussing the group's reunion and their recent live performances.

Finally, the '90s on 9 channel will also celebrate Roxette's reunion by devoting the upcoming weekend to the "iconic group." Beginning tomorrow and throughout the weekend, listeners will be able to hear Per personally introduce and share stories about Roxette's biggest hits including "It Must Have Been Love" and "The Look."

Roxette enters studio this summer, probable release before the end of the year

ARNHEM/NIJMEGEN - “After all those years, we deserve to have a little fun!”

UIT Magazine, a local Dutch lifestyle and entertainment magazine publishes an exclusive interview with Roxette in their June issue, with a large picture of Roxette on their front cover. The full page article deals with Roxette’s comeback and performance as headliner at the Night of the Proms concert later this year and mentions a few interesting facts.

Marie mentions that during the Christmas tour in Sweden she discovered she felt great again on stage. She loved being on stage again and decided it was time to continue with Roxette. Per says that when Marie indicated she was completely ready, they could start talking about a reunion. “It has been a rough and difficult time and I am glad it is behind me now. I feel great! I really want to start working with Per again and most of all have a lot of fun together,” says Marie. Per also emphasizes that a lot has happened in seven years; they both have changed. “Roxette used to be a part of the music industry, trying to be successful. That’s not our goal anymore, we now focus on the things that satisfy us,” says Per.

Per informs the reporter that they will enter the studio this summer. They will not record an entire album, but they will release something new. Per hopes they can release this to the public before the end of the year.

Read the full Dutch article (pages 14-15)



Roxette to perform on New Wave Festival 2009

According to Per Gessle’s tweet, Roxette is going to perform on New Wave Festival in Latvia this year with “the mighty Rox band”. Roxette will appear while the opening ceremony on July 28th in Jurmala.

The festival will be broadcasted by Latvian TV3 and Russian 1.

Articles from Latvian press:

Thanks to Christa and Evgeny.


Per Gessle - Live in Amsterdam

This is the title of a very nice bootleg shared by the Brazilian fans (who are a very big community, by the way). DutchTaper recorded the whole Amsterdam gig (where Per and Marie sang together) and also made the front and back covers. Thank you, guys, for sharing it with us.

You can download the album here:

Download as an archive (ZIP file, 233MB).

Download as individual tracks (MP3 format):

Let's bring Roxette to Romania!

Yes, Roxette are back and will be singing at Night of the Proms later this year! Per has just finished his European tour and planning for the next!

Romanian fans are just crazy after they saw Per in his tour and Romanian Radios are talking about Roxette comeback. Let's bring them to Romania and make our dream come true!

Sign the petition! And maybe the next picture like this will be shot in Romania!

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