Per Gessle reveals Marie Fredriksson may join him on stage

Per Gessle, who is going on a tour this month with his latest album The Party Crasher, has started to communicate with his fans through Twitter. He has been answering questions from his fans from his @PartyPleaser Twitter account for a couple of days and has revealed some nice information about his tour.
The most interesting piece of information for all Marie and Roxette fans is the fact that Marie and Per have discussed about performing with him on the tour: “Yes, she might pop up somewhere, we’ve talked about it,” Per wrote in his tweet. In addition to that, the two shows in Stockholm on May 9th and 10th will be filmed for a possible live DVD.
He added that Marie will probably sing on one of his shows somewhere in Europe...

Breathe -just to listen and remember-what a great song...!!!!

“The Look” #1 in the US - 20 years ago


On the evening of March 28, 1989, the telephone rang at Per Gessle's home in Halmstad. When Per answered, Roxette's manager Thomas Erdtman screamed down the other end that "The Look" was #1 on the U.S. Billboard chart!

Swedish radio P4 Retro celebrated the occasion with an hour of Roxette special with a few rare demos!



Per Gessle: Roxette Return Will Happen

Per Gessle is a massive pop star in Sweden.
He's sold millions of albums worldwide, sold out stadiums, had multiple comebacks and headed successful solo and band careers. But you only know him (if you do) as "the guy from Roxette."Gessle's musical endeavours of late have been focused on Sweden, doing material in his native language. But Party Crasher, his shiny-new English pop record, will be released internationally."I've been very lucky," Gessle said in his clean Swedish accent. "In addition to Roxette and my solo English career, I have a Swedish thing going.
"My previous band [Gyllene Tider], which is enormous in Sweden, and since 2003 my solo career has also had massive success. So I've been really fortunate to be able to pick and choose between all of them, basically."That is one of the reasons that I wanted to do Party Crasher, because I thought, 'Hey, I have to leave this country because I've been touring so much here.' You know that old saying, 'How can we miss you if you won't go away?'
"I felt like that here. I've released so much music because I have so many branches on the tree. I'm like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm a movie star and a politician."Party Crasher was produced with longtime collaborators Clarence Ofwerman and Christoffer Lundquist (who've worked with him since the glory days of Roxette) and is a pure pop effort complete with '80s synths, heavily melodic ballads and a punchy Euro-dance sound. First single "Silly Really" is a perfect example of the new direction.

Per Gessle talks about Marie Fredriksson in "Filter" magazine !

The Swedish magazine "Filter" has interviewed "The Party Crasher" Per Gessle for its latest issue. In a very open-hearted interview Per Gessle is also talking about his friend Marie Fredriksson and Roxette. How far away is Roxette? How is Marie doing? Marie is fine. She has days on which she is exactly like she's ever been and other days on which she is very tired. We don't meet each other very often, maybe once a month. But we have recorded some songs for the Roxette Greatest Hits album and she did a song on my album "Mazarin". Do you miss working with her? This is difficult to say. Sometimes I miss the old Roxette times and the teamwork we had. At the same time Marie wasn't too interested in Roxette the years before she got sick. When I think about the recording sessions in the studio I don't want that part of Marie back. We love each other like brother and sister and we have a really huge child together - Roxette. At the same time I know that she lives a different life now. She works a lot with her art and music business is really tough. I don't know if she is anxious enough to expose herself to this whole promotion and TV-stress again. Have you never talked about it? That may sound ridiculous, but no. Not since she got sick. We have talked about the songs we recorded. That was ok, not fantastic. We shouldn't have done them down in Skåne with Christoffer and Clarence where I marked my territory since the Mazarin album. I believe that she felt a bit excluded there. These parts of the interview are used with kind permission of author Ika Johannesson and the "Filter" magazine. Source: and "Filter" magazine

Roxette events in 2008

We just stepped in 2009, and all Roxette fans are awaiting surprizes from Per and Marie. But let's make a short review of 2008, with all the events that took place in the Rox-World:
12 ian 2008: Per celebrates his 49th birthday.
07 feb 2008: Marie opens a new exhibition (Ett bord i solen), at Stockholm.
03 mar 2008: releases a special section of wallpapers with lyrics. You can see them here. 31 mar 2008: Marie releases her new site: Among others, you can find news, galleries and a webshop.
08 apr 2008: 25 years ago, Per was releasing an album named "Per Gessle".
01 mai 2008: The Roxette fans from Romania organize a meeting, for a few days, at Predeal. 14 mai 2008: Per re-releases The World According to Gessle, including many first-heard demos. 23 mai 2008: Marie receives an award from SKAP. 30 mai 2008: Marie celebrates her 50th birthday. You can read a short interview here.
27 iun 2008: Marie announces that she'll sing for the soundtrack of Arn movie.
09 aug 2008: launches a series of interviews with fans, for fans. 23 aug 2008: Marie releases the video for "Dar du andas". 27 aug 2008: Staffan Ofwerman gets back with The Breeze. 28 aug 2008: "Dar du andas" reaches # 1 in the Swedish charts.
18 sep 2008: Marie opens a new exhibition, in Goteborg.
06 oct 2008: Per announces he'll release a new album, "Party Crasher", in december, the first single being "Silly Really". 07 oct 2008: Per si Mats MP Persson receive another "Million Air" award for "Listen to your heart".
14 nov 2008: Per releases the video for Silly Really. 21 nov 2008: After a long time, Marie is back on stage, at Norrköping. 29 nov 2008: Per is nominated for the Grammis.
16 dec 2008: Per announces that "Sing along" will be the next single from "Party Crasher". 22 dec 2008: All Romanian Roxette fans receive a gift from Per and Marie. 27 dec 2008: Per announces that a remix of "Silly Really" will be released in January.
01 ian 2009: All Roxette fans, everywhere, are wishing Per and Marie a Happy New Year! - a year's review

The new year is knocking at the door and everyone is looking at last year's fulfillments and acomplishments.
We, at, tried to keep the pace with the events from the Rox-world, and give you new and interesting materials. And we hope we managed to do it. If we were to talk in numbers, here's what 2008 meant:

  • 168 articles - which means an article every 2 days! So there is activity in the Rox-world after all! :)
  • 140 forum topics;
  • 298 registered users.

We hope you enjoyed the news, the interviews, the pictures. Thank you to all collaborators, who helped us publish them.

Per and Marie, we wish you a Happy New Year and many suprises in 2009! :)

Happy New Year!

Per and Marie for all Romanian fans!

Looks like Santa arrived early for Romanian Roxette fans, directly from Sweden! And Santa's messenger is no other than Ovidiu Ardelean, who recently met Per and Marie, and brings us presents from them. The autograph was signed by Per, on the 29th of November, and then by Marie, on the 11th of December. And for an even greater gift, here are two clips featuring Marie and Per, for all Romanian fans:
[ Hello everybody! I would really love to say hello to all fans from Romania and I hope to see you soon again. Thank you so much for everything you've done for us! ]
[ The transcript is in the clip ]

The look for Roxette now online!

For those of you who don't already own a copy of the book "The look for Roxette" now can enter online at There you find all the information about the albums, cd singles , bootlegs and a price guide. You can create your own discography and wanting lists. Enjoy!

Vicki Benckert for!

1. What do you do for a living nowadays? Mostly I work as a translator and director of local versions of Disney movies and tv-series. 2. How did you become a backing vocalist? I had a record career as a singer/songwriter (though the word wasn't invented yet). Note that I played (acoustic) guitar, mandoline and accordion with Roxette. My main instrument is keyboards, and when touring as a solo artist I used to play electric guitar. Per and Marie saw me in a band and asked me if I would join them on a world tour:-) 3. What were the tours with Roxette? Joyride 1991-92 110 venues in europe, south & north america, australia. I had already been to SOVIET Moscow, Sotji and Kiev, to Lebanon and Israel and other odd places as a solo singer, but this was my first (and last?) world tour. 4. Did you have a great time? Tell us more about those times. It was great of course, but touring is touring whether in Sweden or worldwide; Get up in time for breakfast and a brief walk to check out city or qat least hotels neighborhood, check out of hotel 11 am & go to airport (or by bus to next arena), arrive at 4 pm, check in at thotel, soundcheck 5 pm, dinner at arena, show at 8 or 9 pm, leave arena at 11 or 12 pm, have a few drinks in hotelbar or at sponsors party, get to bed, get up in time for breakfast... 5. How did you meet Marie and Per? I suppose we had met at some social event, but I didn't know any of them before Marie called me on the phone one day and asked me if I would go on a world tour with them. 6. Would you do a tour again? Of course I would tour again, I love to travel! 7. How was the MTV Unplugged for you?
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