Roxette to pay taxes!

Roxette submitted incorrect information to the Tax Authority after the world tour in 1994 and 1995, and now they are finally charged with 4.5 million SEK to pay.
The Supreme Administrative Court rejects Per Gessle and Marie Bolyos (former Fredriksson) appeal.

The investigation began ten years ago, when it was suspected that Per Gessle and Marie Bolyos bypassed tax during the part of the tour, which was held in Germany. Fees were paid to the artists' joint production company instead of salary to the artists, who were therefore not submitted to income tax obligation. The money, however, is to be regarded as income, because the artists had them. Therefore, the fact is that Per Gessle with just over SEK 2.3 million and Marie Bolyos with over 2.2 million have to pay. Tax requirements apply also travel benefits for Per Gessle wife and Marie Bolyos husband, who accompanied them on the tour.

Source: SVD

Roxette in China

A short documentary about when Roxette went to China, back in 1995: Part 1/3 Part 2/3 Part 3/3 Source: Runtoroxette Forum

Another compilation featuring Roxette


"Casandra", KC Conception's debut album contains "It must have been love", in a personal interpretation. KC Conception is from Philippines and released the album in june 2008. The album is produced by Sony BMG Music Entertainment

1. I Melt With You
2. Impossible
3. Doo Be Doo
4. An Updated Version Of Me
5. Ngiti Lang
6. Umbrella
7. I Just Can't Get Enough
8. Imagine
9. Agila (Haring Ibon)
10. It Must Have Been Love
11. Breathe
12. Sabihin Mo Na Sana (Hidden track)

More about the singer:

Source: Runtoroxette Forum

"Violin Love Music" featuring Roxette


Roxette appears in a Swedish compilation, with violin-played songs. The compilation features other Swedish artists, too:

01. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
02. Release Me
03. Listen To Your Heart
04. It Must Have Been Love

05. Carrie
06. Always On My Mind
07. Be My Ways
08. Vision Of Love
09. Because I Love You
10. Form A Distance
11. Hold On
12. I Can Fly
13. Baby I Love You

Source: LittleMarie

Another “Million-Air” award for Listen to Your Heart

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle and Mats MP Persson will travel to London October 7 to receive yet another "Million-Air" award for "Listen to Your Heart."

"Listen to Your Heart" has been played over 4.000.000 times on US radio, same as "It Must Have Been Love" in 2005. According to, based on an average length of three minutes, one million airplays is the equivalent of 50,000 hours or 5.7 years of continuous airplay. Top Million-Air songs are for instance The Police's "Every Breath You Take" and The Beatles' "Yesterday" with both over 8.000.000 plays.

Roxette has eight BMI awarded songs.

Per Gessle is obviously very pleased with this and comments "Yay!"

Source: DailyRoxette

Dangerous enters australian charts

For reasons yet unknown Roxette's US #2 single from 1989, "Dangerous", has entered the Australian download chart at #30.
The Oz people are famous for their exquisite taste. Marie and myself are very happy indeed comments Per to The Daily Roxette.

Source: Daily Roxette

Really Roxette

It's a documentary filmed in 1995. It's rather old, but a must-see for every Roxette fan! You can view it here, in 5 parts: Part 1/5 Part 2/5 Part 3/5 Part 4/5 Part 5/5

Articles, Posters, Interviews!

Do you remember magazine like "Bravo", "Salut" or "Popcorn"? Here are some examples of pictures, articles or posters that made the fans very happy. We launched a gallery section at Those who have some more materials, and want to share them, please contact us! Thanks Ovidiu!

Marie - a new smile, a new perspective, and why not, a new Roxette comeback!

Here you can find the translation of the interview Marie gave to Swedish tv show Nyhetsmorgon. Sources: Forum RTR, Roxette on TV

According Marie Fredriksson, Roxette will be back


According the comments of the Roxette fan, Roxette-atic, in the morning interview made to Marie Fredriksson in the tv channel Tv4, she is certain that Roxette will be back. The reporter asked her if she really had the power to do a big comeback but she replied that maybe she and Per could do something a little bit smaller than before. Per and her are talking all the time about a comeback.

The video online of the interview. interview.

Source:, Tv4

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