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Once upon a time, there was... Roxette "Neverending Love" Fan Club, Romania


A few days ago, as I was cleaning... my hard disk, I found a small file on my computer, named "Roxette Fan Club.txt". I curiously opened it, and... I saw the fanclub's old website URL, which I found on Google, a few years ago. It was than when I first found out about a Romanian Fanclub, when I met Ionut and asked him about the fan meetings.

I was glad to see that the site is still up, you can find it here:

Maybe, not very far in the future, we'll be, once again, the "Romanian Division of the Official International Roxette Fan Club".

Dr. Feelgood - Roxette

... pentru cei care se intreaba de unde si-au luat Roxette numele. Ei bine, e vorba de melodia de mai sus, care se afla printre favoritele lui Per.


In sfarsit am reusit sa obtinem si domeniul! *
Site-ul este inca in testare, mai trebuie adaugat continut, dar forumul este activ si va asteapta!

* multumim si celor de la pentru suport

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