20.000 people are to participate at the Cluj concert

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Over 20.000 people are expected thursday night at the Roxette concert in Cluj-Napoca, tickets are sold out at the tribune and Golden Circle as well as the VIP. Some streets are to be restricted by the police.

Laura Coroianu, the director of  Emagic,  declared that they expect over 25000 people to attend this concert some selling points are not conected to the main computer, so the number will be known after the concert.




Conference about the concert

Are you ready!



Roxette is coming back to Romania!!!

UPDATE: According to, the authorities from Cluj-Napoca signed the contract with Emagic Romania, regarding the Roxette concert. So it is official!

This is according to the official Roxette 2012 tour book, which reveals 4 new concerts in 2012:

17.07 Sunset, Zurich, Switzerland
19.07 Cluj Arena, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
21.07 Criketbanen, Brondby, Denmark
28.07 Qstock Festival, Uleaborg, Finland

The dates have not been confirmed by the Roxette Management, yet, but we hope they will become official, soon.

Can't wait to Rox again!

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Budapest concert (01.06.2011) - a fan review

Thanks to Robert Ecsedi (who went to the Budapest concert) for the following review:

We arrived at the arena around 2.30 PM, local time (CET), where around 25 hardcore Rox fans have been already settled themselves surely and securely :) by the iron gate at the main entrance. The local fans had a normal sized Swedish flag hanged off the gate, they weren’t very communicative with strangers like us, which a bit angered me. But then we met Emil from Bulgaria, who was on his own tour with Rox through Europe :). And later on we got acquainted with Mihai a.k.a. Wolfskin and we soon let everybody know that we ain’t from the neighborhood.

I was surprised to see a girl who was reading way too much in her copy book and being a very curios type of a guy since I was kid, therefore I soon managed to unhide the mystery laying ahead of me, that she was going through of her own manually written Rox lyrics.

Around 5.30 PM we were already able to listen to Roxette, due to the fact the sound check could be heard quite good even outside of the arena. We could hear rehearsing Way Out, Stars, Opp Nox, 727.

Around 6 PM we got hit by a dense rain with lightning and thundering. Of course, this fact was not enough and a solid reason for the organizers in charge, to let us in, at least to the arena’s check in doors. After about a half of hour of time, while everybody was cursing in its own language and also while we went through a deep and complete washing machine mode, the security people finally showed some mercy upon us and decided to let us close to the doors.

They had a 2 way entrance system. I was second right in front and when they started to scan the tickets, being under a great excitement, I had that stupid unconsciousness to leave my ticket with the guard, who was busy checking us in and therefore I could not make it through the next check point, ‘cos I got no ticket. So I had to run back and thank God the guard put my ticket aside.

Even though I had this mishmash, I still got to manage to be in the third row before the final obstacle which we had ahead until we could get fully in. We needed to wait for about a half hour (in the meantime, Chris and Magnus showed up by mistake and everybody had its own moment of laughing out loud), until we could get access in, but due to the fact that the other side of the entrance was opened a few seconds earlier, I found myself standing in the 3rd row right in front of Per’s mike and not according to my 1st row plan.

The supporting act was a girl from my hometown, the Hungarian megastar contest winner and the only good thing about her was that she ended up her show in 30 minutes.

At 9.10 PM the showed started. You cannot describe the feeling which was going through all of us, the audience was so full of energy and you could read that even from Marie and Per’s eyes. We were around 10.000 people for sure out of 12.000 seats. The atmosphere  was really astonishing. While Dressed For Success and SIMC were performed everybody just could not resist jumping, waving and applauding.

I was physically finished by the song “The Big L”… ‘cos I had myself jumping and applauding continuously for 9 minutes. As for myself, Marie was singing unexpectedly well, but she really screwed up the whole lyrics during Silver Blue. The setlist was the same as in Bucharest, unfortunately they skipped Way Out again, which was one of my favorites. After Perfect Day we sang Happy Birthday to Marie.

I was so surprised by the song She’s Got Nothing On But The Radio, which had a so catchy rock sound, and there is no room for comparison with the album version.

Per thanked us twice in hungarian: “Koszonom”. Chris surprised us with a famous hungarian folk song, Tavaszi Szel (Spring Wind), a song which was also fully covered by Freddie Mercury in 1986 in front of the hungarian audience.

As for myself the best momemts of the show were when Rox performed Opp Nox and 727 (the outro is so dynamic and mindblowing), you just cannot stay sane and fully possessed while hearing this music.

During How Do You Do, we, the audience, already started to sing the first verse just before Per did his own. The same with the “Dangerous” chorus. The same with the first “Fading Like A Flower” chorus.

During Joyride and The Look even the seated audience stood up in exultation. Listen To Your had Marie with a fabulous ending.

After the show, we jumped in our car and hit the road to the hotel (which was by the way really adventurous since nobody of the three of us was familiar with the city), Four Seasons Gresham, but unfortunately Per and Marie had their way back to the hotel via the hotel’s underground parking option. I was a bit disappointed ‘cos P & M were able to see us, just before they went underground, a group of around 12 fans, waiting their asses off to get an autograph. Anyways, I had my memories with them in 2001 in Austria.

All in all, I must admit that it was an outstanding evening and it worth all the effort, time and money just to get to see them again.

The airport experience

We posted about our midnight serenade, about the city tour, but we haven't talked about the airport experience. So let's do it right now!

We found out details about the flight just hours before the landing. However, we managed to reach the airport in due time and installed ourselves and the banners at the terminal gates, waiting for the miracle to happen! Many televisions were there, also.

And... after about half an hour of waiting, the miracle happened! Per and Marie stepped out of the door, and our emotions reached unmeasurable heights. Of course, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Marie!

Even though they were quickly brought to the transfer cars, Per and Marie were very jovial. The birthday wished pleased Marie and Per filmed us with his phone.

A shirt, a panflute and a portrait! And the crowd!

A very important thing for all the fans was that our presents reached Per and Marie. The organizers granted a backstage pass to me and Miodin, so that we could deliver the gifts.

For Marie, we had a huge basket of flowers, in a very nice arrangement, toghether with a birthday card, a traditional Romanian shirt (called "ie") and some letters from the fans. She was really impressed by the gifts, it could be seen in her eyes!

We gave Per a panflute, which is a Romanian traditional wind instrument. We suggested that he could use it in future Roxette songs, which seemed very interesting to Per :) In fact, he later posted a video on Facebook, saying "The pan flute. Nice gift from a fan will wind up in the AGM Studio!!!! Bukarest!"

For both of them, we also had a very nice portrait, drawn by Horatiu, of whom Per said that he is a very talented fan! So he really liked it!

And maybe the biggest gift for Roxette was the crowd, every single fan that sang Happy Birthday, hummed the lyrics or was simply present at the concert! Thank you Roxette for the wonderful show, and thank you to all the fans who made the beautiful atmosphere!

PS: The flowers were selected by

Midnight serenade

Here is a picture of us stading in front of the hotel after the concert, waiting for Marie to come to sing her "Happy Birthday!". It was almost midnight.

You can see our "fan van", covered in a sheet on which it is written "Charm School Graduation Party". Wonderful moments!

Per came and filmed us from within the car, and then posted the video on Facebook, commenting "Beautiful! Bucharest!!!"

And then Marie came and we sang her a midnight serenade. It was wonderfull when, in the hotel, she sang "Tro" together with us! Thank you, Marie!

Message from Christoffer

Here is the message that mixella got from Christoffer today:

Hi Elena, and thanks a million for showing us your beautiful city! Marie was blown away by all the birthday celebrations by the audience - OF COURSE! - it was a very special night indeed, we talked a lot about it afterwards! The pan flute will be used for sure and please let me know if you have any questions I could possibly answer in the future.

Take care!


We are really glad that they enjoyed the tour and the Romanian beer in the park:

And here is the video with Christoffer playing Ciuleandra in the Concert! Thank you, Christoffer, for the surprize!

(video from

Hearts, stars and ballons!

"Just came back from a super show in Bucharest. What a crowd!!! We have the best fans in the world!!!! Had a blast. And Marie is saying THANK YOU to everyone singing Happy Birthday To You!!!!! We have to come back to this place pretty soon!!!!!"

This is what Per posted on the Roxette Official Facebook Page just after the concert. We are very happy that everything was so beautiful, especially on Marie's birthday! Lots and lots of fans contributed and helped, so thank you all!

What can we say, Per and Marie have the best fans in the world, and we have the best idols! And the "coming-back-soon" - we'll take it as a promise ;)

Enjoy some videos posted by Per on Facebook:

1. Joyride - we were all in a wonderful ballon!

2. Perfect day - printed hearts everywhere


3. Silver blue - printed stars everywhere (and thanks for singing this special piece!)


4. Spending my time


5. How do you do!



And here is what Christoffer wrote me about the concert:

Hi Elena, and thanks a million for showing us your beautiful city! Marie was blown away by all the birthday celebrations by the audience - OF COURSE! - it was a very special night indeed, we talked a lot about it afterwards! The pan flute will be used for sure and please let me know if you have any questions I could possibly answer in the future. Take care!/Christoffer

Source: Roxette Official Facebook Page

Marie singing Tro with the Romanian fans

Yesterday was a day to remember, full of emotions and surprises. From meeting Per and Marie to the airport, to seeing them for a few minutes at the hotel, then giving the band a tour in Bucharest, and finally the wonderful concert, all were priceless moments that we have been waiting for many many years.

But the fun didn't stop after the concert! We quickly hopped in our "fan van", rushing to the hotel through traffic jams. We parked in front of the hotel, unrolled our banners and waited for Per and Marie to arrive. First came Per and after about half an hour, Marie arrived.

Of course, we started singing Happy Birthday (again!). Marie was very nice, she gave us autographs, talked with the fans and was looking gorgeus! The most exciting moment was when she sang "Tro" together with us, inside the hotel lobby. She really looked happy!

Again, thank you Marie, thank you Per, thank you Roxette! And we hope to see you soon again!

PS: Stay tuned for more videos, photos and articles about the concert day!

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