Veni, Vidi, Vici - I came, I saw, I conquered


Thank you Marie, Thank you Per!

WOW, what a day and what a NIGHT! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE!

The day began with a cloudy morning, but we already knew that they are going to come by plane, the time, and the flight, so we went to the airport. We saw them, it was fantastic, what can i say!

But after a short while, I talked to Christoffer and we met at the hotel. While waiting for them to come downstairs, guess what! Marie and Per show up, and we took pictures, sign a little something and we said THANK YOU!

After that great moment we talked with the band, we took them for a walk, and chatted a little bit.

The moment came that we were there at the venue, pouring cats and dogs, I got wet to the bones. But we got lucky and the rain has stoped.

Our 2 fans with backstage tickets went inside and gave them the gifts, a panflute for Per and a traditional blouse for Marie! Also flowers, a card and a painting with them drawn by a fan.

The concert began, all our fans rise their sheets, singing Happy Birthday more then 4 times :)) and of course throwing baloons at Joyride. I hope they loved it, because i know we did.

After the show we went to their hotel just to sing them a song, and Marie was so nice, she gave us autographs again and sing with us Tro. What a night!

More info in the following days. Meanwhile download from here all my pictures, not many because i was talking and screaming too much. But hey, what can i say, i am a fan!

Useful info about the concert

Here are some pieces of information that we think that will be very useful in the concert day: how to get to Zone Arena, security rules and the weather forecast.

How to get to Zone Arena

1. On foot – most advised

  • Route 1: From the Stefan cel Mare subway (Metro) station – ascend by the exit to Vacarescu avenue, then you walk on the avenue along the Tramway no. 5 line – it will take you aprox. 20 minutes. You’ll find Zone Arena on your right, after you pass by Kaufland and Billa supermarkets and Agip petrol station.

  • Route 2: From Piata Romana - you walk along Calea Dorobantilor and at the first big crossing with the tramway line, you take right on Stefan cel Mare avenue, pass by the Dinamo Sports Center on your left and at the first big crossing, you take left and you follow the tramway line. You then follow the Route 1. Total time - 40 minutes.

2. By Subway (Metro) – easy and quick, still some walking to do; a 2 trip ticket costs 3 lei
Be sure to check the Metro website:

  • From Gara de Nord –  M1 line towards Dristor 2, you get down at the 2nd stop and you follow the route 1. Time on the subway – 5 minutes
  • From Piata Romana – M2 line towards Pipera, you get down at the first stop, Piata Victoriei and change with M1 line towards Dristor 2. You get down at the first stop and then follow route 1. Time on the subway – 15 minutes
  • From Piata Unirii –you take M2 line towards Pipera, you get down at the 3rd stop, Piata Victoriei and change with M1 line towards Dristor 2. You get down at the first stop and then follow route 1. Time on the subway – 25 minutes

3. By ground public transportation - RATB; a 1 trip ticket costs 1.5 lei

RATB ticket offices – at Piata Romana, at the crossing of Stefan cel Mare avenue with Calea Dorobantilor (see map below)

We do not advise you to use this way of transportation –  there are usually frequent traffic jams and a lot of delay. There is no fixed schedule and the waiting time varies a lot.

  • From Stefan cel Mare Metro  – you take Tramway no.5 towards Baneasa. The tramway stop is close to the metro exit (see map 1). You get down at the 3rd stop – Ceaikovski or the 4th – Giuseppe Verdi. Total time – undetermined (see map below).

  • Bus 282 –  towards Soseaua Fundeni: stops at Gara de nord (it will take you forever to get to Zone Arena), Arcul de triumf  (The Triompth Arch) and Piata Dorobanti. You get down at Ceaikovski.


Security rules

Access is forbidden in the concert area with the following items: bottles (including perfume bottles larger than 100 ml and deodorant bottles), plastic recipients, cans, fireworks, banners on sticks, sprays, chairs, weapons, drinks or food, blunt objects, pets, chains, professional or semi-professional (with detachable lens) photo cameras or audio-video recording devices.
Also, in case it rains, you won't be allowed with umbrellas in the concert area, the recommendation being to use raincoats.

Weather forecast

The weather will be fine, with a maximum of 27 C and a minimum of 16 C. There are low chances of precipitation (around 5%). The temperatures between 18:00 and 22:00 will vary between 25 C and 21 C.

For updated information, be sure to check

More about the Bucharest concert

According to a credible source, the concert is sold out. But you can stiil find here or there a ticket or two, but it is very hard to find standing tickets. Antena 1 showed news that says that Emagic will fill the tent where Marie and Per will stay with flowers and candles for Marie's birthday.


There are over 25 000 people expected to attend this concert. Here you will find a map with directions to Zone Arena. Also, the website wrote about our plans for that evening. We will try to anounce more in the media to make sure that every person knows about our plans to make this Marie's special night.

Fan-Action plan for the concert

We went to Zone Arena were we took some pictures for the upcoming concert. The scene part is build but there are lots to be done there. Anyway we will have 4 fan moments during the concert. Presuming that this is the setlist here it goes:


01. Dressed for Success

02. Sleeping In My Car

03. The Big L.

04. Wish I Could Fly

05.Only When I Dream

06. She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)

07. Perfect Day**************************************

08. Things Will Never Be the Same

09. It Must Have Been Love

10. Opportunity Nox

11. 7twenty7

12. Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)

13. Silver Blue/Stars *******************************

14. How Do You Do!

15. Dangerous Band presentation

16. Joyride *****************************************

17. Watercolours in the Rain

18. Spending my Time

19. The Look

20. Way Out

21. Listen to Your Heart ****************************

22. Church of Your Heart


1.Welcome :)

2.Perfect Day - right after we will sing Happy Birthday to Marie and we rise the sheets with the hearts that we indicated to print from here: Download imagini.

3.Silver Blue sau Stars - we rise the sheets with the blue stars.

4.Joyride -we wistle at the chorus and we rise the baloons- preferably when they sing: "in a wonderful ballon"

5.Listen to your heart - lights from the phones, flashes etc and we throu flowers after the song.

Important : the song Perfect day has a small pause before the end so be carrefuly when we start so sing Happy Birthday.

Alte pregatiri


Banerele costa 270 Ron amandoua si vine omul sa le instaleze pe gard. Florile costa in jur de 550 Ron - cosul ca aranjament. Legat de cadou inca nu stiu ce sa luam. Oricum in total trebuie sa strangem in jur de 1500 de ron ca sa fie. Ce ramane vom cumpara poate vreun cd sa il dam la concursuri. Nu e rau nu? Acum sariti cu donatiile :)) -cititi pe forum cum!

Download imagini

Am sa va rog sa printati in cat mai multe exemplare aceste imagini pentru a putea fi ridicate in momentul in care vom canta "La multi ani!" Cand ne auziti pe cei din primele randuri atunci sper ca toata lumea sa ne insoteasca. Cred ca dupa Perfect Day e cel mai bine. Daca le puteti printa pe foi mai groase ca sa nu se lase in jos, sau sa le lipiti pe cartoane si sa le dati si vecinilor de scaun cate una ar fi perfect. Daca macar in primele randuri vom avea aceste inimi tot ar fi ceva.

Nu uitati sa va cumparati baloane in forma de inima, cat mai multe sa dati si la vecini, si fluiere pt Joyride! Sper ca pana saptamana viitoare sa avem planul complet.

Deci deocamdata aceste inimi de printat in cat mai multe exemplare pe carton sau foi mai groase sa faceti un pic de lucru manual. Pe o parte inima, pe alta steluta ca sa va fie mai usor de fluturat. Fluiere pentru Joyride, Stelute pt Stars!

Cosul de flori, cadourile se vor inmana ori personal or prin cei de la Emagic, dar noi speram personal ca sa va aratam reactia lor.

Despre bannere maine aflu detalii si va comunic. Niste confetti sunt bune, pentru ca le poti arunca cu mana. Ideea este sa nu aveti artificii, si alte bazaconii gen petarde, rachete si asa mai departe.

Pana atunci cititi forumul si vizitati site-ul des ca sa stiti ce aveti de facut. Haideti sa aratam intregii lumi ca si romanii stiu sa faca spectacol cand trebuie si sa le dam clasa tuturor!

Concert preparations

As you can see, Zone Arena will be suffering significant changes for the show. Now it's the fans turn to play their parts and do their best. There has been some forum discussion about this event, when we will sing "Happy Birthday", what surprises shall we prepare.

Now, there are a lot of proposals, time is short, the organizers will hopefully rise up to our expectations, but we have to do our part. As proposed, the band presentation is the best moment to sing "Happy Birthday". To make sure that more people will sing along with us we can print some sheets to give from hand to hand, at least for Golden VIP section, because there is the place where it will all begin. It was suggested immediately after the song "Perfect Day".

If we get to go backstage before the concert, I hope we can talk with the band members about this proposal for accompaning us. I hope the people from the first rows will throw flowers exactly when "Happy B-day!" ends. Now, will you please buy heartshaped balloons or happy b-day balloons and if you have more to share please do it so with your neighbors so we can give as many balloons as posible from hand to hand. In particular, blow them to "Joyride" song, balloon with stars, or stars stuck to some sticks, all will go nicely to "Stars" song if it will be played. I count that each one of you will do everything at home so that we can show we can do this too, not only the Germans or the Argentinians.

We also expect a nearly sold-out event that will overcome all the others up till now. So let's make this day a memorable one especially for Marie. I am counting on your support in the concert day. More information and a weather forecast to come.

VH2 and Magnolia as opening act for Roxette at Bucharest


VH2 and Magnolia will open the concert that Roxette will give in Romania. The concert is part of Roxette's 10th tour and is organized by Emagic and sponsored by Avon and Ciuc Premium.

VH2 is composed of some of the most appreciated Romanian musicians of the moment. Gabriel Cotabiţă's band quickly conquered the music charts from the first single “Trece vremea”, which was one of the most listened tracks in 2002. There followed “Dacă n-ai iubi“, “Fiecare zi fără tine” or “Nu-mi mai pasa“, songs loved by every member of the public. In June 2010, VH2 performed as the opening act for the concert sustained by Elton John in Bucharest.

Magnolia is a pretty new project on the Romanian music market. Raluca Leahu, the initiator of the project was only a DJ and TV and radio host one year ago. Together with her colleagues, Dan Leahu (guitar and synth), Radu Anghel (bass) and Bogdan Moroşanu (drums), Raluca brings a new breath in the Romanian music. With a new and unique style, Magnolia conquered the public short after its debut, which was on the same stage with I Blame Coco.



Get your tickets in!

In order to keep your excitement alive, here are two Roxette wallpapers in which you can see the tickets for the Bucharest concert. The wallpapers are in wide format and were made by Ovidiu Ardelean.

And if you didn't buy your tickets yet, you can do so on

See other recent wallpapers here and don't forget to check our whole wallpaper collection here.

Roxette concert at ProTV news

ProTV (one of the major TV channels in Romania) featured a short news flash about the upcoming concert:

It's official! Roxette coming to Romania!

At last, the dream of all Roxette fans from Romania has come true! A new date has been added to the tour:

30.5 Bucharest, Romania

The concert will take place on the 30th of May, 2011, in Bucharest, at Zone Arena. The really great thing is that the 30th of May is also Marie's birthday!

The tickets will be available on, starting the 16th of November, 2010 and later, in Diverta shops, Muzica shop and Mihai Eminescu bookshop.

More details about the Roxette tour on their official website,


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