Marie is back on stage!


Last night, at Norrköping, Marie was back in the spotlight, for the first time since her disease.
It is wonderfull to be here, she said from the stage.

We can really say that, for Marie, this event is the GRAND comeback. She performed on the stage of the Louis De Geer concert house, along with other Swedish singers, like Måns Zelmerlöw, Sofia Källgren, Lisa Nilsson and Anders Berglund.

Marie is declared healthy since the fall of 2007, but it seems that she is marked by the disease. During her appearance, she sat on a stool and she got help from the scene. But it seemed clear that she enjoyed to be back in the limelight. And the audience loved her Marie - who received standing ovations.

Bravo, Marie, shouted a man in the audience when she arrived on the scene for the second time.
Thank you very much. It is wonderful to be here, she said and smiled wide and sent kisses to the audience.

Other artists showed dance numbers and duets, but Marie had a more peaceful moment. Ännu doftar kärlek (Still smells of love) and Så skimrande var aldrig havet (That was never shimmering sea) were sang when she returned to the stage.

At her last performance, Tro (Believe), Marie was accompaniated by Michael Bolyos, who played the piano. The last notes made the audience rise and give Marie standing ovations.

In spring, Marie declared for Expressen: Of course I still have much to contend with, but I am making progress. I do not see with the right eye, and it is of course a bit awkward. But you get used to it and I am incredibly grateful that I am alive, something that was clearly labeled last night.

The tour continues on November 25 in Stockholm. More shows will follow in Malmö and Gothenburg until December 13.

Marie goes clubbing!


"White room" is a night club in Stockholm and it had its 3rd aniversary on first of October. Smiley Marie and Mikael were there and they were real stars among other guests. They stayed near the drinking table all throught the night.

Source: Stureplan

Lithography of Marie's drawing


There are few left (signed by Marie). You can purchase them from the webshop, for 990 KR (around 105 Euros).
Marie was at the gallery today (the 20th of September), together with her husband and her son, Oscar.

Marie's exhibition preview

As you probably know, Marie held a reception for press and friends, on the 18th of September. Here are the pictures taken by a good friend. Marie has new 8 drawings. As for the exhibition, a litography will be for sale, for around 105 Euros. This is a limited edition, only 200 copies were made, of which around 50 are signed by Marie.

Marie Fredriksson shows her art

"Me", by Marie Fredriksson.
Singer Marie Fredriksson has had art within herself throughout her entire life. But it is only in the recent years she has chosen to display her works in public. Now comes her first solo exhibition outside Stockholm, at the Little Gallery in Gothenburg. She was involved from 1984 and she’s still in the middle of a song and music career, both solo and in pair with Per Gessle of Roxette. Right now she is on top of the Swedish single charts with “Arn-film” theme. Later in the fall, she'll be making her comeback on stage with “Star Power”, a special show, addressed only to companies. Her first tour after the brain tumor she had suffered six years ago. Only one second about the disease. Doctors declared me cured two years ago and for me it is history, I'm healthy, full stop, says Marie Fredriksson determined. The art and drawings of Marie Fredriksson, to which she has always been devoted, had to come to life more during her convalescence and recovery. After the fall of 2004, she released a solo disc, "The Change" where she has her own charcoal drawings on the cover. It was fun and gave me the appetite for it. Earlier, I had drawn and painted for myself and only shown to family and friends, says Marie Fredriksson. She was invited to make an exhibition in the fall of 2005, when she had her first one, at the Gallery Glass Doctor in Stockholm. The audience was appreciative, all the drawings being sold the second day. The exhibition in Goteborg will be her third and the first individual outside the capital. We meet on a sunny afternoon, in the gallery, where she will exhibit, located a stone's throw of Götaplatsen. She browses among dozens of her art creations, as they are packaged and are leaned against a wall, while discussing the details of the exhibition gallery with arcade stones.

Där du andas climbs to #1 in Swedish charts!

According to, Marie's single, Där du andas climbed to #1 in the Swedish charts!
Congratulations Marie! We wish you more achievements! And together with Per, too ;)

Marie's daughter at the confirmation day


Marie Fredriksson and Micke Boylos's daughter, Josephine has just been confirmed, and this was celebrated with a dinner in the restaurant Josefina on Djurgården in Stockholm.

It's been a good year for Marie Fredriksson. Not only is she free from the cancer and is feeling better than in a long time.
Now, she has also been singing in the leitmotiv of the new Arn movie, "Empire at the end of the road." The song titled "Where you breathe" will surely climb on all the lists in the near future.
But that's not all. Marie and her husband Micke Boylos daughter Josephine have just celebrated his confirmation with a glorious late summer noon dinner at the restaurant Josefina on Djurgården in Stockholm. There were a three course menu with coffee, for the adults.
Of course, there was the whole family on the spot, mother Marie, father Micke and the two children Josephine, 15, and Oscar, 12. And friends of the family, Torsten and Annelie Silverstolpe.
All said they had a fantastic day with both the confirmation and dinner. And so were the gifts for the new confirmed spirit.

I received a fine cross, told Josefin proud while she showed up for the camera.
You could also see a short movie with Marie following this link, ans also pictures here.

Source: Webb-TV

Video “Där du andas”

Here is the new video of Marie, it was posted on Youtube and on the site of
Aftonbladet and tranmited on the tv station TV4 where it was shown also a short interview
in which she says that she like very much the song and it went straight to her heart. She says also that it's important that there are still written this kind of songs. At the question if she writes her own songs she answers that she does, and at the following question to how many songs she already written she says a little bit embarased ....not to many.
Here are some screenshots with Marie from the interview.

Also you can download both the video and the interview from this links.


Just click on “pobierz plik” and the downloading will start.

Marie was also at the premier of the movie "Arn" on the 14-th of August.
You can see the pictures here.

Source: TV4, Aftonbladet, Littlemarie

Prepare yourselves, Marie will be back on stage!

According to a previous article from Expressen, Marie will be back on stage in november-december.
The tour will include 12 concerts, where there will be singing, along with Marie: Lisa Nilsson, Stefan Odelberg, Sofia Källgren, Mans Zelmerlöw si Anders Berglund.
The concerts' schedule is as following:
Programul concertelor este urmatorul:

Norrköping, Louis de Geer Konserthus

Stockholm, Konserthus

Malmö Konserthus

Göteborgs Congress

Där du andas - video

According to her official website, Marie is filming a new video. This video is the correspondent to the song "Där du andas" that will be directed by Magnus Renfors.

Marie's site shows us 2 images from the video:

[img_assist|nid=1555|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=none|width=301|height=200] [img_assist|nid=1556|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=none|width=301|height=200]

Source: LittleMarie News

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