Marie's site opened its gates!

The new, created by TransmitReceive (the webdesign company which manages Per's sites) is now open.
Updated, with a new look, you can find a forum, pictures from Marie's drawing catalogue and you can order Marie Fredriksson products from the webshop.

Marie working on a new site

It seems Marie Fredriksson is working on a new site. Where her old site used to be is now an autograph and a message saying that a new site is in the works. There are logos of MaryJane Music, d&d management and T/R (TransmitReceive). T/R being the company that manages Per Gessle's sites.

Source: Daily Roxette

Interview with Marie - subtitled

Thanks to Diego, you can see the subtitled version of the interview with Marie (for Nyhetsmorgon, the 9th of February): Part 1: Part 2:

Marie - end of her second exhibition

Today it had finished the second exhibition that Marie Fredriksson has realized from 2005. It began on February 7 under a great discrection.
The exhibition has been a success of public and of sales. Practically 300 catalogues (prize: 295 Sek) have disappeared. A great number of fans has flown from different points of the planet to see the fantastic works that there Marie Fredriksson has painted.
Let's hope that it is not her last exhibition that she realizes and even the great Swedish artist wants to do a session of signature of books for her fans.

Source: Little Marie

Video - interview with Marie

Here's the video with the interview we talked about in the previous article (interview Marie gave for Nyhetsmorgon, on the 9th of February).

Marie - a new smile, a new perspective, and why not, a new Roxette comeback!

Here you can find the translation of the interview Marie gave to Swedish tv show Nyhetsmorgon. Sources: Forum RTR, Roxette on TV

According Marie Fredriksson, Roxette will be back


According the comments of the Roxette fan, Roxette-atic, in the morning interview made to Marie Fredriksson in the tv channel Tv4, she is certain that Roxette will be back. The reporter asked her if she really had the power to do a big comeback but she replied that maybe she and Per could do something a little bit smaller than before. Per and her are talking all the time about a comeback.

The video online of the interview. interview.

Source:, Tv4

Marie opens new exhibition


According Kjell Andersson, A&A of EMI Sweden, Marie Fredriksson will do a new expo. The opening will be tomorrow 7th, Thursday. It will be in the same art gallery as the last one in 2005: in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.
They have made a new catalogue for the expo. So, at the moment we havent more dates or if Marie will be doing any signings this time.

Source: LittleMarie News

Interview with Marie

In the first half of the clip, Marie sings the first single from "Min bäste vän": "Sommaräng". In the second half, you can see an interview. The clip is from the summer of 2006. Translation of the interview: H: Hi Marie. It is beautiful to have you here MF: thanks a lot. H: What a great song! MF: Yeah H: John Holm’s sommaräng. MF: It is. H: It is a song from your new album, which you haven’t written by yourself this time.How did you choose the songs? MF: I have searched among old records at home. I searched a lot and then in the end I picked up what it is perfect. It is very hard to explain. It just happened so! H: How does it feel to sing again? MF: It is great, fantastic! H: Everyone knows that you have been ill and however managed to record a new record? MF: Ohhh, I am not ill anymore. Not anymore. H: Really? MF: Yes, of course. H: So how do you feel right now? MF: Very well. H: Really. MF: Now, it is finished. H: Is there something different, nowadays? MF: Yes, I take it easy every day. To take one day at time is the best I have learnt to do. I am so happy to live, it is so wonderful. H: When you were anguished and scared, which was the most difficult thing during that period? Which way did you use to handle the situation? MF: Yeah, I am feel safe inside of me. And I have a beautiful family. This is the best. H:Your husband Micke is here. MF: Yeah. H: He is at the keyboards. MF: He has been a great help.

Marie talking about "The Change"

Marie comments about the songs from "The change", album released in november 2004. The Change - An obvious song to open with and a natural title for the album. 2nd Chance - My song of happiness. I wrote the text very quickly. It was just there. All pieces fell into place and after this song the writing became a joy. All You Gotta Do Is Feel - This is Micke's song that he wrote a couple of years ago and one of my favourites. The entire composition is brash and loud (rock-n-roll) somemething I really love! April Snow - I wrote this song some time ago, when good friends of mine decided to go their separate ways. You get inspired by many things in life, not just your own. Love 2 Live - When we were on holiday in Miami, there was this guy playing in a bar. It happened to be Gary T, who was once with the same Swedish record company as Micke. Together, they finished the words to this song that Micke had already started. Mother - Recording this song was very special "we only made one recording. I felt such strength at that moment in time. A feeling that would be impossible to recreate, impossible to sing again". Many Times - One of many songs on the album recorded live with the band in the studio. There was such energy . I love those recordings and I am glad we have found a way back to that. All About You - This is actually a love song to me, written by Micke. Everyone ought to have a love song. The Good Life - Somehow, I feel that this classic is a key song for the album since it was the first song we recorded, initiating the entire project. Bad Moon - I originally wrote this song for Roxette many years ago. It just did not seem right at the time, but I have always liked Bad Moon and have kept it until now.
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