Roxette events in 2008

We just stepped in 2009, and all Roxette fans are awaiting surprizes from Per and Marie. But let's make a short review of 2008, with all the events that took place in the Rox-World:
12 ian 2008: Per celebrates his 49th birthday.
07 feb 2008: Marie opens a new exhibition (Ett bord i solen), at Stockholm.
03 mar 2008: ROxette.ro releases a special section of wallpapers with lyrics. You can see them here. 31 mar 2008: Marie releases her new site: mariefredriksson.se. Among others, you can find news, galleries and a webshop.
08 apr 2008: 25 years ago, Per was releasing an album named "Per Gessle".
01 mai 2008: The Roxette fans from Romania organize a meeting, for a few days, at Predeal. 14 mai 2008: Per re-releases The World According to Gessle, including many first-heard demos. 23 mai 2008: Marie receives an award from SKAP. 30 mai 2008: Marie celebrates her 50th birthday. You can read a short interview here.
27 iun 2008: Marie announces that she'll sing for the soundtrack of Arn movie.
09 aug 2008: ROxette.ro launches a series of interviews with fans, for fans. 23 aug 2008: Marie releases the video for "Dar du andas". 27 aug 2008: Staffan Ofwerman gets back with The Breeze. 28 aug 2008: "Dar du andas" reaches # 1 in the Swedish charts.
18 sep 2008: Marie opens a new exhibition, in Goteborg.
06 oct 2008: Per announces he'll release a new album, "Party Crasher", in december, the first single being "Silly Really". 07 oct 2008: Per si Mats MP Persson receive another "Million Air" award for "Listen to your heart".
14 nov 2008: Per releases the video for Silly Really. 21 nov 2008: After a long time, Marie is back on stage, at Norrköping. 29 nov 2008: Per is nominated for the Grammis.
16 dec 2008: Per announces that "Sing along" will be the next single from "Party Crasher". 22 dec 2008: All Romanian Roxette fans receive a gift from Per and Marie. 27 dec 2008: Per announces that a remix of "Silly Really" will be released in January.
01 ian 2009: All Roxette fans, everywhere, are wishing Per and Marie a Happy New Year!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Gessle!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Gessle ;) This is what we are wishing to a man who many of us never met, but who's been there in our hearts for a long long time. For you, best wishes, and for us, many new songs, many new albums :) We want out hearts to tremble again, near the radios, humming the songs and seeing life as colourful as it can be! Colourful and cheerful our life will be, Per, because we grew with you, with your songs, joyful and beautiful!
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