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So, this concludes our first series with interviews with fans, for fans. Five great fans, five great stories! Be sure not to miss any interview. You can find them following the links above. But that's not all! We are preparing a whole new series, with more fans! And stay tuned, a very special (non-fan) interview will appear here shortly!

Blanka for

Here is the 5th interview with fans, for fans! Read about Blanka, from LittleMarie. [ Previous episodes: Tevensso | Muriel | Mikael | Jorge ]
1. What's your name and profession? Where do you live? My name is Blanca. I’m an illustrator and graphic designer. I live in Spain. 2. How did you become a fan? Well, I had always been a fan of Madonna. But that year, in 1989, Roxette climbed to number 1 with "The Look", opposite to Madonna's "Like to prayer". Something changed. I liked Marie Fredriksson's rock look and Per Gessle's powerful guitars. A friend from the college recorded me the tape "Look Sharp!". Her brother bought it in London, while he was on Erasmus. The rest is history. 3. What does your collection consist of? I just have materials of Roxette and Marie Fredriksson. Since 1990, I have been buying video recordings (VHS), first, and DVDs, later. I have lots of bootlegs CDs (bought in music fairs), displays, sheets, pins, photos, posters... but any fan has very much more material than I have. Also, I just have a fixation for Marie Fredriksson. I try to collect absolutely everything about her! 4. How long and with what cost did you collect all that? In the first years, when I was young, I didn't have enough money to buy all that I wanted about Roxette. I saved my money to buy by mail, thanks to friends, penpals, and music magazines. I have been collecting all my materials since 1990. 5. Tell us how did you first meet Per and/or Marie and what you did fell?

Jorge for

Enjoy our 4th fan interview! This time, featuring Jorge, from Runtoroxette [Previous episodes: Tevensso | Muriel | Mikael ]
1. What’s your name and profession? Where do you live? My name is Jorge Diaz, I am an accountant but I work as a webmaster. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2. How did you become a fan? It was in 1995, but I like their music since I was in primary school, when one of my English teachers teached us with Roxette songs. 3. What does your collection consist of? I prefer to collect CDs, but I also have got vinyls, videos, DVDs, poster... including a glass and a bottle that they used in their last visit to Buenos Aires :P 4. How long and with what cost did you collect all that? I started buying all kind of stuff since 1995 but I have no idea how much it did cost me... and I wouldn’t really like to know. 5. Tell us how did you first meet Per and/or Marie and what you did fell? It was in 1999 during the HAND promo tour. I got a room at their hotel and I was so lucky that I met Gessle twice at the elevator. And thanks to Marie Dimber I could get a picture with Per and Marie. 6. Tell us some funny story about Per and/or Marie. It was so funny the first time that I met Per at the elevator. For an instant, I got shocked looking at him and he putted a scary face, I think that he thought: "oh, this crazy fan will jump over me". 7. What is the most priceless item from your collection? I love each item of my collection but I think that one of my favorite ones is the Anyone Maxi CD signed by Per Gessle and Pelle Alsing. 8. What are the sites that you manage?

Mikael for

The third interview from our series, "with fans, for fans". Read about Mikael, who maintains Roxette on TV! [ Previous episodes: Tevensso | Muriel ]
1. What's your name and profession? Where do you live? My name is Mikael and I work as an IT consultant in Stockholm. 2. How did you become a fan? I've been a fan since I was really really young. It started out with Listen To Your Heart and Sparvöga, which were both on the Swedish charts at that time. I was only 6 years old, but I remember taping them off the TV. In 1995 I started collecting. 3. Your collection consists in what? It's been years since I counted my records, but I would guess there are about 300-400 of them. I also enjoy collecting video recordings of their TV appearances. 4. How long and with what cost did you collect all that? 13 years and a gazillion Swedish crowns :) 5. Tell us how did you first meet Per and/or Marie and what did you feel? I met Marie briefly after a concert in 2000, which was a short but nice moment. Then before a concert in 2001, I had the opportunity to go backstage and meet Per and Marie together and have our picture taken. They were both really friendly and it's great being a fan of two such nice individuals. 6. Tell us some funny story about Per and/or Marie. (don't have any) 7. What is the most priceless item from your collection? Probably the Beating Heart 7" or the 12" singles from Pearls of Passion. 8. What are the sites that you manage? Roxette on TV ( The site attempts to list every TV appearance of Per and Marie.

Muriel for

Here's the second episode from our series of interviews, with fans, for fans! This time, it's about Muriel. You know her from Enjoy!
1. 1. What’s your name and profession? Where do you live? My name’s Muriel, I’m an engineer in water and waste products. I live in France, near the German border. 2. How did you become a fan? The first time I saw The Look video on TV, I thought these two (n.r. Marie and Per) had (and still have) something special. 3. Your collection consists of what? Cds, singles, vinyls, videos (all of it is on my site, 4. How long and with what cost did you collect all that? I started collecting stuff back in 1992 and it did cost lots and lots of money, but I don’t regret it. What can I say, I’m addicted, some people smoke, I collect everything about Rox, Marie, Per, Gyllene Tider... But I don’t think my collection is ever gonna be complete, there’s so much more stuff out there. It wouldn’t be fun to have everything; I’m still getting excited when there’s a record fair not so far away... 5. Tell us how did you first meet Per and Marie and what did you feel? I met them in Paris in 1999, they recorded a TV show with Wish I could fly. I was really nervous but in the mean time so excited to see them. I was there with another French fan and we’ve been able to talk for a few minutes with Marie and Per. 6. What is the most priceless item from your collection? Don’t really know, I guess all the records signed by Marie and Per. 7. What are the sites that you manage? (my aunt’s restaurant) (my hometown where I grew up)

Tevensso for

So, out first fan interview! Featuring Thomas Evensson (tevensso). You know him from The Daily Roxette and Per's official forum. Here it goes, enjoy:
1. What’s your name and profession? Where do you live? My name is Thomas Evensson, I work as a sound installer for PA Ljud AB ( in Sweden. I live in Ljusdal, Sweden. 2. How did you become a fan? How did I become a fan? Well, you have to realize that back in 1981 Sweden only had one radio station that played music. One. And this radio station, P3, played Gyllene Tider around the clock, and I hated it! And at discos they played Gyllene Tider’s Moderna Tider from start to end. The one album, all night long... Eventually I caved and started loving this great band! And I still do. Funnily enough it was the weird song “Povel Ramel, Paul McCartney och jag” that broke the camel’s back. That’s how I became a fan. I’ve followed Per ever since. 3. Your collection consists of what? I have basically every record there is by Gyllene Tider and Per Gessle, and frankly, a few that don’t exist... I also collect Roxette of course, while I don’t really collect Marie Fredriksson’s solo material. At least not the regular editions. My Roxette collection is probably considered as quite extensive, although it’s by no means complete. Will it ever be? Won’t the fun end then...? 4. How long and with what cost did you collect all that? I started my collection in 1981 with Moderna Tider (it cost 49 SEK at the local record store). The cost? Jeebus, I have no idea, hundreds of thousands of Swedish kronor? 5. Tell us how you first meet Per and Marie and what you felt?

At last, the dark years are over!

Photo: Gustav Mårtensson

After the storm, Marie Fredriksson has chased away the disease and feels much better now than before. "I am more grateful now", she says.

Marie Fredriksson turns 50 today and celebrates with her family. She celebrates that she is healthy and she is working on the next CD and new paintings.

-- Congratulations, Marie. How it feels to be 50?
-- It feels good. Especially when it’s such a beautiful day outside. I have a lot to do. I am busy writing songs and drawing.

-- Will you have a huge reception?
-- No, it’s no good to do something big. I may have a big celebration when I reach 60 instead. I will have a quiet day with my family and friends and go away.

-- Do you like to travel?
-- Yes, I really think about a trip. And our children will enjoy it even more.

”Ordet är farväl”

-- You played two new songs in the collection disc which came out in Christmas. ”Ordet är farväl” has text by Peter Eades. How did this work?
-- She is a good lyricist, and it is fun to work with others. It’s been hard work on this song . I think “goodbye’ is such a beautiful word.

-- In the new "A table in the sun" you sing that the dark years are finally over.
-- Yes, it is wonderful. At last it's over. It is absolutely fantastic. It is good that the dark years, somehow, they went so fast.

-- You've got a different attitude towards life?
-- Yes, I am more grateful. It isn’t good to be in such a hurry. I live one day at a time. I love the spring as this time of the year, it is wonderful to just enjoy it. I had to hurry all the time before.

-- It is still must be difficult to put the disease behind you?
-- It is well on the way out. Mostly others are talking about it. I don’t talk about it anymore.

New exhibition in the autumn.

I like living


When Marie Fredrikssonreleased her first album it went straight into our hearts. A few years later her carrier went straight up as a singer in Roxette all around the world.
Now she is on her way back, but with a new understanding of life.

In the late teens Marie Fredriksson moved from the family in the south of Sweden to Halmstad. There she met, among others, Per Gessle.
She also appeared in few Gyllene Tider songs, but they had no major collaborations.

Instead, she did her own thing and penetrated the market with records like “Het wind” and “Sjunde vågen “. Her melancholy but still rock power songs and a voice that is both sensitive and strong at the same time (perhaps a legacy of the father Gösta which, according to Marie "sang just as Jussi Björling") went straight into the Swedish home and touched many souls.
In 1986, Marie and Per started to work together, and they formed the Roxette. After some years the success was huge and Marie became a world star.
With songs like The Look, Listen To Your Heart, Joyride and It Must Have Been Love, they enter in music history.

Tours lasted until 2001, with a gap of some years in the mid-90s when Marie get married and have two children. Otherwise, the success was tremendous with a busy schedule and millions of fans.
But in the autumn of 2002 Marie fell on the floor of her bathroom after a jogging tour. She was taken immediately to the hospital where doctors notice that she had a brain tumor.
We are now six years later and last summer she became healthy.
-- It is wonderful and I am fine. No more medication, but I have X-rays taken a couple of times a year. I will have to do this for a long time, she says.

Life changed drastically, and her attitude took a new direction. Now the family is the most important thing. And it’s good to enjoy everyday.

Interview with Marie on her 50th aniversary!


Marie Fredriksson has been calm after the storm. From 2002 she fought against a brain tumor, but last summer she was declared cancer free. Photo: Lars Pehrson / Scanpix 2005.

“I had a damn luck to get through.”

Article by Amanda Pietersen
Published : 23 Mai 2008 23:30

Marie Fredriksson writes new songs. Last summer came a happy news for her and all her fans: she is healthy.

It was in 2002 when Marie Fredriksson’s brain tumor was discovered, in the middle of a large Roxette commitment . Cancer forced her to change her life, a thing for which she is grateful.

-The rhythm was so incredibly intense. Today, it has been a different calm.. I do not have such a hurry anymore.

Marie Fredriksson life now is in strong contrast to the fully booked and stressful pop star's life she lived in. Today, it is one day at a time that she applies. Or rather, a half day.

--I have the luck that I can control my work myself and divide the day: work a few hours and then, I take it easy or do something else.

A major change for a person who describes herself as extremely lively and energetic since her childhood.

-- I have always been a dreamer, had much imagination, always drawn and written and sung and thought it was so nice. It was the only thing I was good at in school. Everything else, I was mediocre.

Marie Fredriksson also says that apart from being very active she always slept very little.

She did not calmed down as a teenager. On the contrary.

-I was totally lethal. I loved finding out things and had many interests. But being a teenager was also a hard time - but I can cope with it now, I do not insist on it.

It was nearly a year ago that the doctor could declare Marie Fredriksson cancer free.

Interview from the book inside the cd TWAG


It's an old interviw, but still clears some points regarding the songs on this album.

Roxette-man stands on own two feet. Records quintessential solo album. Stirs up media interest with own interview.

After four US #1's, two US #2's, over 100 gold and platinum records and more than 45.000.000 recorded units sold all over the world, you'd think Per Gessle of Roxette had heard just about every question in the fine art of pop interviewing. Not so. Recently he sat down with a tape recorder, a note book and a lot of irksome bloody questions about his upcoming solo venture from the real man in the know - himself. So, here it is.

Per vs. Gessle

One side of the coin walks a mile in its own shoes. Sort of.

PER: What's up?
Gessle: A lot. I've just finished the record. Been mixing and mastering and retouching the album pictures. It's been a lot of work.
PER: Retouching your pictures?
Gessle: mean, the songwriting, recording and mixing took some time too.
PER: But you're not the cable kind of guy are you?
Gessle: No, I'm a lost case when it comes to technology. I've done some of the mixing together with the invaluable Michael Ilbert and Clarence …fwerman, who helped me produce the thing. As P.J. O'Rourke says; to them goes the credit - I'll take the money. We've been recording in Benny Andersson's superb studio in Stockholm.
PER: The Benny Andersson? Of Abba fame?
Gessle: Yep. But the mastering was done by Michael Ilbert and George Marino in New York. I asked if I could contribute something and they said they'd phone me.
PER: Why a solo album now?
Gessle: I needed the money.
PER: Surely you must be joking.

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