The chance was almost zero!

They belong to the 90’s like Discman, Girlies and Inline Skates. After almost ten years break, Roxette announce their comeback. Per Gessle about the sickness of his band partner, Marie Fredriksson and the retro chic-potential of the duo.

Rep: Mr. Gessle, the big time of Roxette was in the early 90’s. How often do people tell you memories that, in fact, they can associate with Roxette songs?

Per: Quite often. I’m joking, this has to do with the fact that I’m getting older. I think it’s cool to live this way, to belong to people, and we can still do this – especially after everything that happened to Marie.  

Per Gessle, 52 years old, wanted to become an architect at the beginning and he played the first acoustic guitar only when he was 17 years old. 1986, together with the singer Marie Fredriksson, 53 years old, he succeeded to create Roxette, one of the most successful Swedish pop-exports.
Roxette could impose, among the other groups, with No 1 hits like „The Look“ (1989) or „Joyride“ (1991), they have sold 70 million albums all over the world. 2002 the doctors diagnosed Marie Fredriksson with a brain tumour. Now Roxette are still together on stage, somewhere around 12.6. in Oberursel and on 16.6. in Köln. Their new album „Charm School“ will be released on Friday.

50 Years Old and a Pop King? - Per Gessle Starts from the Beginning

50 Years Old and a Pop King? - Per Gessle Starts from the Beginning

After Roxette’s success over the planet, Per Gessle took back the throne as Sweden’s pop king with his summer songs about life in little towns, as well as about love. So why does he put on a rabbit mask and dance disco one month before he turns 50? 

Per Gessle

Born: 12th of January 1959

Per Gessle - interview before the concert in Malmö (4 Nov. 2011)

Per Gessle and the fans. "This tour is going to be Roxette’s biggest tour ever!" Photo: Wenn

Per Gessle: It’s incredible

He began as a seller of the Kvällsposten newspaper and used to buy disks for the money he gained.  
It seemed to be a good investment.  
40 years later he meets 10,000 fans in Malmö during the world tour which has been seen by millions of people.  
The biggest superstar from the South Sweden talks about the fans, Marie, family, the private plane and his preference for candies.

Interview with Per - TV4 2006

Rep 1: He is known as the biggest pop star in the world and now he is back. There are fans that have been waited 5 years before we could hear something from Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. This year they celebrate 20 years with 2 new Roxette songs and a Greatest Hits album, as well. We have played the new video, “One Wish”, and we will play it again.

Rep 2: Yes, welcome here, Per!

Per: Thank you!

Rep 2: How does it feel to celebrate 20 years? With a group!

Per: I am used to it, I have celebrated 25 years with Gyllene Tider, too. You just think about that the years have passed so quickly, but it is ok. Of course, there has been a fantastic time with Roxette.

Rep 2: There hasn’t been too much Roxette the last years. We have talked to record companies and they said: “There is absolutely no comeback. Haven’t you noticed? “

Roxette - Aftonbladet interview - Best Friends Test


Rep: 1986 Sweden’s pop stage was changed forever. Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson grounded the group Roxette. Today, 2006, they celebrate 20 years. And after so long time together, the pop couple should know each other quite well, shouldn’t they? So Roxette had to do the so-called Best Friends Test. They will have to answer 4 questions about the other one and we start with an easy question to Marie:

Which is Per’s astrological sign?

Marie: Capricorn.

Rep: This was ok. Now it will start to be a bit more difficult.

Which song is Per proud of mostly?  

Per: Take this one, you know... (sings)

Marie: Ready, I know. (laughs) The Look.

How old was Per when he started to play guitar?

Marie: 15 probably.

Roxette - Making of "One Wish"


Rep: Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson celebrate today 20 years of Roxette. They have released a Greatest Hits album, as well as a new single. We have been present at the recording of the video for the new single: One Wish.

Per: It was something great to go into the studio together. It was exactly like before: Marie starts with the coffee and I take out the hockey game. It was very cool really funny to record.

Rep: There are 2 new songs on the anniversary album. One Wish, which has a video directed by Jonas Åkerlund, is one of them. Marie Fredriksson has strongly fought against the brain tumour that she got four years ago. But now she is recovered. Even if she doesn’t make interviews nowadays, she gave everything she could in front of the camera.

Per: It is incredible. If you had asked me 2 – 3 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed that it would happen again, but it’s fantastic that it happened; it’s great that it works and that she is in a great shape.

Rep: There were 15 years of huge success, between ’89 and ’91. They have also contributed with a song to the soundtrack to the film Pretty Woman.  

Marie Fredriksson: Den Ständiga Resan Press Conference Report 1992

Rep: We start and we finish with Marie Fredriksson, who has become well-known in the whole world as ”one of the two halves of Roxette”. Tomorrow she will release a solo album. “Den ständiga resan” is called the hot, brand new album which will be released tomorrow. Hot because it is Marie’s first solo album in 5 years. After a long and successful career with Per Gessle and Roxette, now it’s time for a solo career for Marie, and this time in Swedish. A few hours ago she was here to present some of the new songs.


Rep: So, one of the 2 halves of Roxette, this time alone and with her own texts and music, away from Roxette. What does it mean to the second half of Roxette, if I can say like that?

Marie: What shall I say, I had always written my own material before Roxette, but I spent all my time Roxette, a lot of time was needed, that is why I didn’t have time to do something on my own earlier, so it took 5 years.

Rep: But it is not Joyride that Marie is singing now. She has found herself in other style. You sing about loneliness, sadness... Are these themes present in all your texts?

Marie Fredriksson - Interview + Så Länge Det Lyser Mittemot - Live on TV, 1992

Marie: It requires much effort from me. It is a very strange life, not a normal life to live at all.

Rep: You are 34 years old and don’t feel well. What does it have to do with time?

Marie: A lot of time is needed. It’s a bit too early to say that. Right now it’s quite ok, but during the time we have learned to be a bit attentive with our time. It is important to take care of your time.

 Så länge det lyser mittemot (as long as there is light on the opposite side) – live on TV 1992

Per Gessle in Halmstad (Party Crasher Tour, 2009)

Rep: Per Gessle, how do you feel at home, in Halmstad?

Per: At this microphone should I talk? Then I try to sit nearer.

Rep: No, it's not needed.

Per: OK, then I can sit like this.

Rep: You don't need to move, you have your camera there!

Per: I have to try then.

Rep: It's perfect. We start again from the beginning: how do you feel at home, in Halmstad?

Per: It's fantastic, perfect. It was not planned. At the beginning of the tour we were planning to play in Europe, but there have been a lot of complainings, so we played twice in Stockholm and once in Halmstad.

Rep: A lot of complainings?

Per: Yes, many people were angry because we didn't play in Sweden, as well. 

Rep: Are you nervous when you are at home?

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