Roxette - Room Service Special - Argentina 2001


Roxette: Interview (rapport) SVT 12-10-2006

Rep: One of the most successful Swedish bands who produce export music celebrates 20 years today. Rapport has met Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, together known as Roxette.

Rep: Roxette have done what most of the Swedish bands can just dream about: to have a great international success. And they have done this together. They have sold 45 million albums and 25 million singles. Now Roxette celebrates 20 years.

Marie: It is difficult to understand that there have passed 20 years. It feels like one year.

Per: Actually. It is incredible; we continue to talk to each other.

Rep: Roxette started in 1986. Per Gessle had had a great success before that, with Gyllene Tider, but their popularity was diminishing. At the same time, Marie Fredriksson was an appreciated solo artist.

Per: It was, in fact, a guy from the record company who thought that we should record a song together. Surprisingly, Marie agreed and we recorded it. A single that became very big here in Sweden.

Roxette 1991


Marie: We will have everything with us, so I think that a new Joyride will come.

Rep: Yes, Joyride, the video won the MTV prize for “The best European rock video”, but this does not influence the plans that Roxette have.

Per: I don’t think so. It is important to win, but what is funny with this is to be able to win in front of the competitor.

Rep: The millions continue to come anyway. Joyride has already sold 5 million copies in 20 countries. But the money is not everything that counts in the world, of course.

Per: Money brings a good future, but the most important is to continue to do what you want to do.

Marie: we have got a lot of money in this tour, so I hope that the success will continue. We will see how we spend everything.

Per: Marie has no rings.

Roxette thank for Grammy Prizes

Marie: We are together at Grammy Gala.

Per: And hello to you who are in front of the TV.

Marie: we are sorry that we can't be there with you, but we hope that we will win a lot of Grammy prizes, right? 

Per: Absolutely. And we hope that all of you have a great evening, in spite of the fact that we are not there. And...

Marie: Yes, have a nice time! 

Per: Take care! 

Marie Fredriksson – A Second Chance

Marie: What I have gone through is something very special. That is why I am very thankful that I am sitting here now. I am so happy for that. When I was sick, I tried to be near the records all the time, I wanted to play and sing. I tried to listen to music every day just to get some power.

I think it shouldn’t be so stressful, it should be quiet. How do you feel it? Let’s listen to it once again. Oscar, we will just listen to this once again!

Oscar: Look here, now you can hide.

Marie: I wouldn’t play with Roxette. We had a lot of fun, but... Now I feel very well, I can say. That day, in the morning, Micke said to me that he would go to work with a friend, and then I said: See you later. And he said: Of course. He said he would come home later. And after about 20 minutes I started to lose the sight with the right eye. It was so strange. I wondered: What is happening? For the moment I went to bed to relax a bit. Then... I don’t remember so much now, I just heard Micke’s voice: “Marieee!!” I had hit my head so badly, it was an epileptic falling. I felt really bad, I couldn’t think out anything. Then I remember that the ambulance from Karolinska Hospital came. know the rest.

Roxette - Soul Deep + Interview at Jacobs Stege 1986

Rep: Thank you for that! You are called Roxette. Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. And you will go on a world tour, right?

Marie: Yes, of course.

Per: Of course, we will.

Rep: You look so good like this, Marie; you have changed from a blonde to a dark-haired girl.

Marie: Yes, I was tired of that style, so I had to change.

Rep: And you Per, you have also changed your haircut.

Per: Yes, of course. It happened at an exhibition for hairdressers. (laughs)

Rep: Who is the most macho of you?

Per: (points at the reporter)

Marie Fredriksson at Radio Nova - Finland

Watch the interview in Swedish HERE (Radio Nova - Finland) 

Marie: Hi, here is Marie Fredriksson. I come from a classical workers family, I can say. I have 4 sisters and brothers, so we are 5 children. I am the youngest. So it was me and my nearest sister who was 3 years older than me. The other 3 children were born long before us. We were 4 sisters and a brother. There are 16 years between me and my eldest brother.

My childhood was quite difficult, my mother worked in a food factory and my father was a mailman in the countryside. We lived in a small house in an idyllic village located in the countryside in Skåne (South of Sweden). The family had many members and we got a lot of love. But what was really good was that all the children had inherited from the parents that love and interest for music. My father had a fantastic voice. So he decided to buy a piano where we could play and listen to music. So I can say that I grew up with music and I chose music very early. I have got a lot of support from my family, especially from my father. And I have become what I am today.

Roxette at Jacobs Stege - 1986


Rep (Jacob Dahlin): Welcome to a special edition, this time we will wait for the new year together with the most successful Swedish artists of this year. Welcome here Marie Fredriksson, Magnus Uggla and Per Gessle! You recognize Per and Marie from Roxette. How has this year been for you, Marie?

Marie: It has been fantastic. I have released “Den sjunde vågen” and “Pearls of Passion”.

Rep: And Magnus?

Magnus: Last year, on New Year’s Eve, I was lying in bed, I had pain in my belly, I didn’t feel so well. I vomited and watched Ulf Lundell. And the whole year has been like that, I can say.

Rep: You have watched Ulf Lundell the whole year!

Magnus: The others, as well.

Rep: What about you, Per?

Interview with Roxette - 1992

Per: It was great especially the work for the stage. We had everything with us, the band, the crew, all the people who have worked there. It feels great, it feel that all are the best!

Marie: On a scale from 1 to 10, we use to say 11.

Per: I think that Halmstad, my house...

Fans: Marie, I love you!

Marie: I love you, too!

Fans: Peeer!!

Per: She likes me, it feels nice, actually.

Rep: How much money do you think that Per Gessle earns in a year?

Person 1: 200 millions.

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