Anna and her adventure with Roxette

Anna Mannheimer meets Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson from Roxette.

Anna: Hi, I would like to go to Per Gessle, I have a meeting with him, I had his address here in the bag, somewhere…

Taxi driver: No, you don’t need that; I can manage without it… Soooo, Per Gessle, Roxette… They are very well known; also in Romania they are very popular. 

Anna: Really?? So you listen to them there…

Taxi driver: Yes, of course, I heard them many times!

Anna: Do you have any favourite song?

SVT- Interview with Per Gessle - part 2

Rep: We are still here at “Godmorgon Sverige” with Per Gessle who comes back from a trip in South America, where he has started the big tour, and on Sunday you have a show at Grand Arena in Carpe town in South Africa.

Per: Yes, Sir!

SVT - Interview with Per Gessle - part 1

After a story career with 4 songs No1 in the USA, among others, as well as a lot of tickets sold for the shows, it has happened what was worse in Roxette: Marie has been discovered to have a brain tumor. All thought that it was the end of the story, but this spring Roxette have succeeded to gather thousands of people on the arenas in Russia, South America and they get higher up in the charts. For the moment there is a break in their tour, before flying to the South Africa, that is why we have Per Gessle as a guest, we will talk about this life power that exists in Roxette, because they used to talk about a safe future already at the beginning of the group, in spite of all obstacles.  


Zero Horas has interviewed Per Gessle


Per Gessle gave to the online publication ZH an  interview by phone while he was on tour in Eastern Europe, between the concerts in Ukraine and Belarus.

What do you remember about the show in Porto Alegre in 1992?
I remember it was in a place sheltered  and round (the Gigantinho gym). People were crazy, it was pretty fun. Especially that night, our guitarist had some stomach problems and had to leave the stage to vomit a few times (laughs). It was our first time in South America, was hallucinating. We came to play in places of 5000 or 6000 people and we ended to do stadium shows.

It's different playing in Brazil or the U.S. or in Ukraine?
As you go in south Europe, as in Spain, people are more emotional. Further north, they sit, they do not know quite how to behave. And in South America, they do a big party. From our point of view, especially with the kind of music we do, it is rewarding to find an active audience, with people singing along.

Interview with Per Gessle



Per Gessle: "If we’re lucky I think the tour will go on next year as well."

Attending the show "Wetten, dass ...?" Per Gessle was interviewed by the German channel ZDF.


Source: Roxette blog 

Interview with Mats Udd

Mats Udd (26) comes from the city of Falun in Sweden. He is a trained television producer and has a background at Nordisk Film post production and the music television program Garage. He has also worked for various production companies both as an editor, feature producer and photographer.
Mats directs the new Roxette video “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)”, the first single of “Charm School”.

Here’s an exclusive interview that Run to Roxette made with Mats Udd. 

R2R: How was your first meeting with Roxette?
Mats Udd: The first meeting was actually at the set when we did the sync part for the video. Before that I just had some contact with Per by the record company.

How it was working with Marie and Per?
It was pretty easy, they are professionalls with lots of experience of doing videos so it was very easy working. Per is really cool and Marie is one of the most sweetest artist I ever work with.

When you sent your idea to the record company, Had you already heard the song or you just sent some cool ideas for a Rox-Video?
Yes, of course. I don’t believe that you can send an music video idea without hearing the song first – at least I dont do that. Of course I can come up with some random ideas which I think would be great for Roxette but still, for a video, you need to capture the spritit of the song and make it into motion.

Breakfast with Christoffer and Magnus- interview exclusive for!

We present an interview made by the fans for the fans.

We had a breakfast with two members  of Per's band which tour with him in Party Crasher tour. This happened in Prague the day after the concert. We spent an hour and a half in the company of Christoffer and Magnus; Pelle was there but he didn't participate at the interview, we just ran into him there at the restaurant. You can see all the pictures from the interview at the Gallery section in the left menu, or just click HERE. They clarified some of the music industry aspects, they gave us details about Per that we didn't knew. We smiled all the time, we walked very happy and enthusiasts from that meeting. We have prepared only 15 questions for the interview , but they were so kind to explain to us what is like to tour with Per. We hope you like it. You can download all the interview here:

thanks to Tono from Slovakia.

Here are some ideas from the interview that Andreea Totoescu, to whom we say thanks, has put down for us to read:

Interview with Gessle on TDR

It took a few days for Per Gessle to resurface again after the Party Crasher tour concluded in Stockholm, but The Daily Roxette has finally managed to get ahold of Per and ask a few questions on everyone's mind:

After this astonishing tour Per, how does it feel?
Ahh, empty!!! It's been the greatest tour ever for me. So intimate, so close with a superb band and a delightful crew, the most pleasant hardcore fans you can ever imagine and a great catalogue of songs to dig into. I've had the time of my life!

Yes, you certainly seemed to have a lot of fun on this tour, and we know you say every tour is the best one so far, how is this one compared to the others?
This is it, man!! And I ain't lyin'!

From what I've heard this tour has been a killer, music-wise, when is the live album out?
Yes, there will most likely be a package with a CD and a DVD put together. The CD is recorded live all over Europe, the DVD is from Cirkus (day one) in Stockholm and the DVD will also include 100 of the most primitive and hilarious clips from the tour (you've probably seen a few on YouTube already). I'm such a generous guy! And, forchrissakes, there will be a double-LP!!! One comes to the point in one's career when it's time to release a live double-album. Like Kiss, David Bowie, and Peter Frampton. This is the point for me!

Interview with Per at


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