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Rep: Hi there, welcome to the news programme where, during half an hour, we present the most important events of the week that has just finished. Among others, we will talk about this: during the big world tour, Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson have a lot of success with their comeback. (…) So we start with Roxette’s comeback and as we have said, they have been very successful. The band has been all over the world for more than one year. The latest concert was in Shanghai last Wednesday. Before the concert we had got an exclusive interview with Per Gessle. 

Per: When Marie started this tour, we just wanted to see what happens. We have started with a club level, a theatre level, then it has become ice halls and huge places all the time. So for each booked concert, we got two more booked concerts. I think we have the concert number 96 this evening, here in Shanghai.

Rep:  When they did their comeback in 2009, Roxette showed us that they still had much to offer. Besides this world tour, they succeeded to record a new album. But in spite of all the new material, the concerts consist mostly of the greatest hits.

Per: It is really boring to repeat them before the tour. So when you have the audience in front of you, there is always a new situation. It’s just great. I think that 10% of the show is represented by the songs which are really great and it’s fantastic to play them.

Rep: Don’t you feel too old to be on such a long tour?

Per: No, on the contrary. I think that we have always been good, we are just a bit more relaxed and we have a great routine and professionalism which helps us a lot. I think that all the members of the group will manage to the end of the tour. It is about interest, of course.

Rep: From the interest point of view, Roxette will continue to play for a while, as well, because their music attracts the fans all over the world, both old and new ones.

Fans: I feel that he is very fascinating, as well as really dynamic and enthusiastic. (…) Talking about this world tour, they are very well known all over the world, so it is cool to see them here this evening. We have many friends who are here today and they come from different countries: from South America, from different places in Europe, from Philippines, from everywhere, so they are very popular.

Per: So this will be the biggest tour that we have ever done. At the end of this tour, we will have played in front of over half a million people. And it is wonderful that Marie has come back and is here with us and manages everything so well. No one could believe that.  

Source: TV4 News