Roxette interview - Borlänge - 27.06.2012


Rep: Your audience is very different; there are many people who were 30 years old when you released ‘Joyride’. What do you think about this?

Marie: It’s fantastic. There is a mixture, but it’s great, I think.

Per: Yes. It is really like that.

Rep: How would you describe your music and your lyrics?

Per: Oh, what difficult questions you are asking! So... we are old now, we grew up with the music from the ‘60s-‘70s. Both I and Marie have written a lot of music which is still based on that. You try to update yourself, to change yourself all the time, but it is difficult to succeed. It will always be like this, it is in our blood, our system.

Rep: So among others, your songs talk a lot about love relationships. Where do you get all your love stories from?

Per: Well, Marie has her own love stories. (Marie is laughing) I just write the texts. All the texts talk almost only about Marie’s love life.

Marie: Oh, no. (they are laughing) Well, it is a mixture. So many years we have inspired from so much sadness, from so much happiness. This is life. The texts are about this: life.

Rep: What is the difference between the Swedish fans and the fans from the rest of the world?

Per: They talk a totally different language. (laughs) But excepting that, they are quite the same, I think. Our audience is very happy, they want to sing with us, there is a really active audience that we have all over the world. So they are quite similar, in fact.

Rep: You have been on tour for a long time. Aren’t you tired of that?

Marie: Never.

Per: Oh, yes. Even if it is very funny, you get tired, of course. Mostly you get tired of all the travel, tired of waiting at airports, strange hotel rooms, all these things.

Rep: Have you been waiting to play here, in Sweden?

Per: It is great to be here, I think.

Marie: It is, indeed.

Per: It is summer, it is sunny, it is Sweden and it is Dalarna.

Marie: And the sun is shining, it can’t be better, it’s wonderful.

Rep: Why do you have just one concert in Sweden?

Per: They were the only ones that asked, in fact. We had been waiting for a phone call for a few months, then we suddenly got a phone call from Dalarna. And we accepted it, directly. (Marie is laughing)

Rep: What do you say about this, Marie?

Marie: I agree with him.

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